※The number of pre-registrations has ended. Numbered tickets will be distributed in the lobby from 1 hour before the performance starts. You may not be able to enter. In addition, the day ticket may be a tram seat, etc.



In this rapidly aging society, do you ever feel uncertain or insecure about what the future holds for you, your family, or society at large?
In this year’s installment of Stories of the Community, our participants met over the course of several months to discuss the topic of aging. Now, we are presenting a public theatrical presentation based on those discussions.
As you watch this presentation, you just might hear something that resonates with your own experience. Don’t miss this performance. We hope to see you there!
By working together, we can gain a better understanding of our future.



1: Acceptable Bodies/Unacceptable Bodies, presented by the facilitators
2: A Photojournal of Shimouma, presented by senior citizens of Shimouma
3: Aging and Eldercare, presented by the workshop participants

The performances will be followed by a group discussion.

How to make a reservation

To make a reservation, please call Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Center on 03-5432-1515 (open 10 a.m.–7 p.m).
We will start accepting applications from 10:00 on March 7th.
We will ask for your name and phone number.The application will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

* Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
* Please redeem your tickets 60 to 5 minutes before the start of the performance. If you do not redeem, you may not be able to enter.
* We will guide you to the theater from 30 minutes in advance.

Audience Support

▼Wheelchair Spaces
Applications:Tel. 03-5432-1515 Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre
Wheelchair spaces may be reserved up to on March 11, but when the number of reservations reaches capacity, applications will be closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, for wheelchair users who prefer to watch the performance from a regular seat, the theatre will smoothly guide them too and from their seat. Please contact the theatre in advance to take advantage of this service.

▼Childcare Service
Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1526 Setagaya Public Theatre
You can book childcare services until March 17, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha