Prohibition of ticket resale

At Setagaya Public Theater and Theater Tram, we prohibit the act of reselling tickets for commercial purposes so that customers can purchase tickets fairly.Once again, we will clearly state the following on this site, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Regarding the prohibition of resale of Setagaya Public Theater/Theater Tram tickets

・It is prohibited to resell [tickets] or [numbers required for exchanging tickets] purchased from this theater or from a ticket sales agent entrusted by this theater to a third party for commercial purposes. .

・Ticket resale for commercial purposes means resale for more than the amount stated on the ticket face.
・In the event that an act that violates the preceding paragraph is discovered, the ticket will be invalidated at the discretion of the theater, and admission will be refused.In addition, we cannot accept refunds for the ticket price.If you have already entered, you will be asked to leave.

In addition, customers who have tickets that are suspected of being resold may be asked to present proof of purchase at the time of admission, and to confirm their identity by ID card, etc.

・The theater is not responsible for any troubles caused by tickets purchased from "ticket shops", "purchasing agents", "scalpers", etc. not.

Setagaya Public Theater Friends/Setagaya Arts Card/Online Ticket Service/U24 Members

Setagaya Public Theater Tomo-no-kai, Setagaya Arts Card/Online Ticket/U24 Service prohibits the purchase and resale of seat tickets especially for commercial purposes, such as resale or transfer, in accordance with the Membership Agreement and Terms of Use.

Please note that if we are able to identify the person in question from the information on the exhibit through our own investigation, we may suspend the use of the service or suspend the membership.

Resale of tickets and purchase of such tickets for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
In the future, we will refuse to purchase or enter the venue if we confirm any of the above acts or tickets.
In addition, the theater will not be held responsible for any troubles between customers due to resale or purchase of resale tickets.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that everyone can purchase tickets fairly.

July 2021
Setagaya Cultural Foundation
Setagaya Public Theater / Theater Tram

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