Director Hiroshi Takahagi

Director Hiroshi Takahagi

Setagaya Public Theatre opened in April 1997 inside the Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center in Sangenjaya's Carrot Tower. It is a creative arts facility centered around the Setagaya Public Theatre, a proscenium arch-shaped auditorium with 4 seats*, and the black box Theatre Tram, a 612-seat venue* with a freely transformable space. (*=basic configuration)

In addition to performing at theaters, we have contributed to cultural, artistic, and international exchange activities in Setagaya Ward, including workshops at elementary and junior high schools in the ward, and classical performing arts appreciation classes.

At Setagaya Public Theater, we not only provide finished works of art, but also our artists continue their creative activities every day at the rehearsal hall in Sangenjaya and at the theater. As a public theater, we pursue the various positive possibilities that performing arts activities such as theater, dance, and the circus can bring to society.

We ask for your continued support and cooperation in the activities of the Setagaya Public Theater.
Setagaya Public Theater (Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center) Director Takahagi Hiroshi

Director of Setagaya Public Theater (Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center)

Hiroshi Takahagi(Hiroshi Takahagi)

Born in Tokyo in 1953. He graduated from the Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo. He dropped out of Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts Administration. He is a founding member of the Yume no Yuminsha theater company.
After leaving the company in 1989, he was involved in the management of the Japan Festival 1991 in the UK, the Tokyo Theater Fair, and the Tokyo International Arts Festival.
After serving as manager of Panasonic Globe Theater, production manager of Setagaya Public Theater, and deputy director of Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, he was appointed director of Setagaya Public Theater in 2021.
From 2000 to 2002, he was a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Cultural Resources, the University of Tokyo. From 2021, he was a visiting professor at Tama Art University. From 2008, he was a part-time lecturer at the Department of Drama, Nihon University College of Art. From 2021, he was the executive director of the National Association of Public Cultural Facilities.
"Boku to Engeki to Yume no Yuminsha" Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publisher 2009.
Co-authored "Theory and Practice of Corporate Mécénat," Suiyousha, 2010.Co-authored "Invitation to Theater Space" Kashima Publishing Co., Ltd. 2010.

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