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Kuyoshigumi ``Keren Heller''

Kuyoshigumi ``Keren Heller''
Written and directed by: Saki Kuniyoshi

After the renewal of ``Theatre Tram Next Generation'', a project to foster young talent, ``Kuyoshi-gumi'' was selected in the drama category for the first time. A revised performance of “Keren Heller” (first performed in 2018)!

Performance schedule 2024/12
Venue Theatre tram
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Since 2008, Setagaya Public Theater has been implementing ``Theatre Tram Next Generation'' with the aim of discovering and nurturing the next generation of artists. This project has been renewed with the milestone vol.2022 under Artistic Director Akira Shirai, who took office in April 4, and is divided into two genres: "Theatre" and "Physical", and we are recruiting applications every other year. . The Kuyoshi-gumi group was selected as the first theater artist to be selected after the renovation.

Kuyoshi-gumi was founded in 2015 as an organization led by Saki Kuniyoshi. Based on the concept of "abnormal, everyday, and surreal," his play that depicts the everyday and the extraordinary with a bright touch has been highly praised, and has the ability to win awards and be selected as a finalist for numerous theater awards, and has the potential to become a big hit in the future. It is one of the organizations that has a lot of secrets. Theater Tram Next Generation vol.16 focuses on the ability to write plays. We have selected this organization as an organization that is expected to make great strides in the future.

The Theater Tram performance in December 2024 will include a revised version of Keren Heller (premiered in 12). Despite its bizarre setting, in which a comedian who is on the verge of disbanding tries to revive himself with the help of a talking robot as his partner, the film was praised for its skillful storyline and the performances of the actors, and won the Sato Sakichi Award for Best Picture at its premiere. Ta. Our theater will support you until the performance in December.

Regarding the selection (Akira Shirai, artistic director of Setagaya Public Theater)

In Kuniyoshi's works, truth and fiction always sit side by side.Even though they are said to be next to each other, they are not just next to each other with a normal sense of distance, but they are truly adjacent and exist as if they are stuck together.Rather, it can be said that there is a mixture of truth and falsehood.Therefore, although it may seem like an absurdist play at first glance, it is not an absurdist play.In fact, the characters in Kuniyoshi's world make so much sense that we are reminded that this is our reality today.Through their conversations, the absurd world that surrounds us becomes clear to us.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the work that is scheduled to be performed, which was written before the coronavirus pandemic, will be reborn in the space of Theater Tram. Perhaps, in a world that has become even more absurd, we may be able to feel the freshness of Kuniyoshi's world.

Theater Tram Next Generation Past Award Winners

"Theatre Tram Next Generation" was started in 2008 with the aim of discovering and nurturing young artistic talents who will lead the next generation. We accept applications from young artists who are active in the performing arts in Japan, and provide selected artists with the opportunity to perform on Theater Tram. In addition to providing a venue for performances, Setagaya Public Theater provides support so that the artists who will lead the next generation can take a new step.

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Female comedy duo Positty boo's Afroko and Kate are forced to suspend their activities due to an inappropriate skit about Helen Keller, and they break up due to differences in their values!
Suddenly, a mysterious person named Kami-san appears in front of Afro-ko, who is left alone.
On God's advice, Afroko buys the talking robot Sullivan and makes him her partner, and tries to turn things around as the new Positi boo!
The more she followed God's advice, the more attention she received, but one day she noticed something was wrong with her eyes and ears...

Cast staff

[Written and directed] Saki Kuniyoshi


Kuyoshi group

Kuyoshi group

Established in 2015, led by Saki Kuniyoshi (head, scriptwriter, director, and occasional performer), the company has performed 25 works since then. The concept is "abnormal, everyday, and surreal." Works depicting everyday life in the extraordinary, such as a mysterious human who keeps jumping on a trampoline, and a savannah monkey with a complex who becomes a human and falls in love, and questions that arise in the world and things that people are afraid to say out loud. is performed as a comedy.
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Saki Kuniyoshi

Saki Kuniyoshi 
(Written and directed)

Actor, screenwriter, playwright, director, born in Saitama Prefecture. Awards include: Kansai Theater Festival 2020 ``Trampoline-san'' Screenplay Award and Direction Award, Young Director Competition 2018 and 2020 Excellence Award, Sato Sakichi Award 2015 Outstanding Supporting Actress Award, 2017 Outstanding Screenplay Award ``The Melancholy of the Savannah Monkey'' ”, 2018 Best Screenplay Award for “Keren Heller”, 2019 Best Leading Actress Award, and 2021 Best Screenplay Award for “Hitoto”. He was a finalist for the Hokkaido Drama Award, the Sendai Short Play Award, the 21st Dramatists Association New Drama Award, and the Isan Studio Film Festival Scenario Grand Prize 2016 short story category. In addition to Kuyoshi-gumi performances, he has written numerous dramas, anime, and scripts and productions for other theater companies.
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