Artistic Director Akira Shirai

Art Farm Declaration

The protracted pandemic is finally showing signs of convergence.
Over the past three years, the theater culture has faced many difficulties, but it is also true that it was a great opportunity to think again about the duties that the theater should take on.What role should the Setagaya Public Theater play as a public theater?

"The theater is a square" has been a major philosophy since the opening of the Setagaya Public Theater.People gather, people talk, people sing, people dance, people tell stories.We must remember, once again, that theater is a place for that.
We must not live alone.It can only exist in relation to others.The theater has the function of creating that relationship.
Art exists only when there is someone who expresses it.But the one who expresses it alone can never exist.Only when there is a human heart that appreciates the expression does meaning emerge.And the viewer will discover a new self through the expression.I believe that the theater is a place to create such "raw" interactions.

Art changes people's minds.Above all, performing arts is the art of memory.It reminds us of past events that we tend to forget, and has the function of connecting to the future.For that reason, I believe that the theater must be a field for creating new art.It creates a place for people to gather, cultivates a field for art, sows the seeds of art, nurtures them, and eventually blossoms and bears fruit.

I would like to declare that the Setagaya Public Theater is an art farm that will serve as a refuge for people and create new art.

We appreciate your continued support.

Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director Akira Shirai

Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director

Akira Shirai(Akira Shirai)

Born in Kyoto Prefecture.
After graduating from Waseda University, from 1983 to 2002, presided over the Yu ⦿ machine / full automatic theater.
After becoming independent as a director, he has worked on a wide range of projects, from straight plays to music plays, musicals, and operas.
From the opening of the Setagaya Public Theater, performances such as "Broken Toy", "Another Day", "La Vita ~Looking at Love and Death~", "Pitchfork Disney", "The Fastest Clock in the Universe", etc.
In the planned and produced performances at this theater, he has directed many productions such as "Accidental Music", "The Threepenny Opera", "Glass Leaves", "Mercury Fur", "Radiant Vermin".
9th and 10th Yomiuri Theater Awards Outstanding Director Award, 05 Yoshiko Yuasa Award for "Accidental Music" (Screenplay Category)
In 12, he directed the Matsumoto citizen opera The Magic Flute, which received the Yoshio Sagawa Music Award.
In April 2014, he was appointed KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Artistic Supervisor (artistic advisor), and from April 4 to March 2016, served as the theater's artistic director.

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