Artistic Director Akira Shirai

How do I face this world?

"Theater is a square"
This is a major theme that the theater has pursued since its opening.
Theaters are places where people meet.

We are now able to have many encounters without having to meet face to face. Even if you don't have a specific location, the power of information allows you to expand the plaza without limit. However, the size of the plaza is not the only issue. The temperature of gathering, interacting, talking, feeling, and touching each other is important. To achieve this, we need a place where people can directly gather and feel each other.
We want the theater to be a spiritual place where people can truly connect.

“How do I face this world?”
I would like to highlight Setagaya Public Theater as the theme of this year's activities.
The world we live in is so chaotic.
Why do people fight? Why do people get into conflict with each other? Why do people divide?
I would like to present this issue as a stage expression from various angles and create a place for discussion.
We would also like to actively engage with the local community and expand the opportunities for people to meet and talk.
To weave a future story where we can accept each other's differences and live together with others.

With the start of a new fiscal year, we will begin our journey towards a new form of public theater.
To create an endless plaza where people can gather.
To form a story of future dreams that will last forever.

This year, we will continue our active theater activities together with everyone.
Thank you for your continued support.

Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director Akira Shirai

Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director

Akira Shirai(Akira Shirai)

Born in Kyoto Prefecture.
After graduating from Waseda University, from 1983 to 2002, presided over the Yu ⦿ machine / full automatic theater.
After becoming independent as a director, he has worked on a wide range of projects, from straight plays to music plays, musicals, and operas.
From the opening of the Setagaya Public Theater, performances such as "Broken Toy", "Another Day", "La Vita ~Looking at Love and Death~", "Pitchfork Disney", "The Fastest Clock in the Universe", etc.
In the planned and produced performances at this theater, he has directed many productions such as "Accidental Music", "The Threepenny Opera", "Glass Leaves", "Mercury Fur", "Radiant Vermin".
9th and 10th Yomiuri Theater Awards Outstanding Director Award, 05 Yoshiko Yuasa Award for "Accidental Music" (Screenplay Category)
In 12, he directed the Matsumoto citizen opera The Magic Flute, which received the Yoshio Sagawa Music Award.
In April 2014, he was appointed KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Artistic Supervisor (artistic advisor), and from April 4 to March 2016, served as the theater's artistic director.

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