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Musical play “Kiki on the Trapeze”

Musical play “Kiki on the Trapeze”
Musical play “Kiki on the Trapeze”

❝The most popular person at the circus was Kiki, the trapeze artist.❞

Based on the masterpiece fairy tale by Minoru Betsuyaku, the composer and director is Kinuyo Nogami.
A fun yet sad musical drama with songs, music, and a circus.

Performance schedule 2024/08
Venue Setagaya Public Theatre
Contact Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre
Business hours: 10:00-19:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)


Based on the masterpiece fairy tale by Minoru Betsuyaku, the composer and director is Kinuyo Nogami.
A fun yet sad musical drama with songs, music, and a circus.

Summer art festival at Setagaya Public Theater"Setagaya Art Farm"Start anew. As the main program, it has been decided that the musical play ``Kiki on the Trapeze'' will be performed.

``Kiki the Flying Trapeze'' has created many masterpieces as a playwright and fairy tale writer.Minoru BetsuyakuHe is an up-and-coming playwright and director of the theater company Kaikai, and was a finalist for the 57th Kunio Kishida Drama Award, based on several masterpieces of children's stories.Yoko KitagawaHe is a genius actor, choreographer, and director who reconstructs the script as a single musical play, and is not only active in a theater company but also in theater, fashion, and dance.Kinuyo NogamiHe has a unique sense of composition and production that deviates from genres such as band sound, world music, gagaku, electro, and typing, and is active in providing music and remixes to many artists and media.OhortaichiThis is a new musical drama with music by.

The original work was also published in junior high school Japanese language textbooks."Kiki on the trapeze", collection of fairy tales"Wildcat Barber Shop"Several works with a circus theme, such as "Circus of Love","The Murderer's House on the Hill"All of them are said to be Minoru Bessaku's masterpieces, and are all absurd and somewhat mysterious works. Please look forward to what kind of work will be created by Kinuyo Nogami, Taichi Ooru, and Yoko Kitagawa.

The performers have already been announced.Miyu Sakihi,Hirodai MatsuokaIn addition to the newTakamasa Tamaki,Keizo Nagashima,Mikie TanakaAndJun SenaHas been decided to appear.
Furthermore,Aki Yoshida(Aerial),Saka Tomoko(Swing),Aimi Hasegawa(Aerial),Kento Yoshikawa(juggling, slack wire),Kojiro Meguro(Tetra) and other circus artists who lead the Japanese circus world will also appear! The circus production is supervised by Nagamekurashitsu.Yousuke Meguro.

We will launch a new production that is both fun and heartbreaking, combining theater, singing, music, circus, dance, and acrobatics.
Please look forward to this work, which is truly an "art farm" packed with various art elements!

About the original work

Fairy tale "Kiki on the Trapeze"

“The most popular person at the circus was Kiki, the trapeze artist.”

Kiki is a trapeze artist who can do three flips. No matter which town I went to to catch a glimpse of Kiki's triple jump, the circus was always a huge success.
But Kiki was worried that if someone else started doing triple flips, her popularity would decline.
"I'd rather die than have the audience applaud me..."
However, his premonition turned out to be true, and one day he succeeded in flipping three times at another circus.


Fairy tale "Circus of Love (from the Wildcat Barber Shop)"

One night, a raft carrying an elephant and a small mahout boy washed up in a port town. We don't know where the elephant and the boy came from or how they got there, and the boy never speaks. The people of the town gave the elephant and the boy a place to sleep and watched over their lives. As usual, the boy did not say anything, but the people were so moved by the little gestures and expressions of the boy and the elephant that they no longer cared about how they arrived at the port town. The people of the town cared for the elephant and the boy, and their desire to be kind to them made the whole town peaceful.

One day, a large black box carriage pulls into town. A cheerful gentleman who introduced himself as the leader of the Venus Circus emerged from the carriage.


Picture book "The Murderer's House on the Hill"

On the top of the hill to the west of Monton Village stood a lonely house, the Murderer's House.
There lived three murderous brothers named Pibote, Kibote, and Chibote.
They had a lot of ``menu to kill'', but no customers have come in for 12 years.
The three of them gradually became sad.
One day, the old lady's customer finally came. When I showed her the ``Murder Menu,'' the old woman said, ``I want you to try it all.” he said.


Comments from the director and performers

Kinuyo Nogami (composition/direction)

Special roles often feature settings and characters who have lost their identity. For example, the presence of a train with no passengers that continues to increase in number, a police officer who disguises himself as a thief to arrest a thief who is missing, and other characters who at first glance could be described as ``useless'' are very poignant and endearing.
The main character of this work, ``Kiki on the Trapeze'', is also a girl who is struggling with her identity. Miyu Saki and the characters who support and watch over Kiki were all filled with her charm. In addition to all the carefully selected circus artists. It will be a work full of surprises, laughter, and love. Please stay tuned.


Miyu Sakihi

I wonder what will happen and what I will witness... It's like being enveloped in a feeling of exhilaration just before stepping into a circus tent. In order to deliver a richly expressive world that combines the many fairy tales created by Minoru Betsuyaku, I would like to work hand in hand with Kinuyo Nogami, Kodai Matsuoka, and other professionals to carefully create this world. Masu. Setagaya Public Theater is a theater that I have admired for many years. I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform on stage for the first time. Please come and meet Kiki and her friends this summer! We'll be expecting you!


Hirodai Matsuoka

I am very grateful to be able to create with such wonderful people. When I read Minoru Betsuyaku's fairy tales, I feel a pleasant sense of loneliness. I feel that my childhood, which was spent without meaning or calculation, has come and gone, and I long for time and freedom that will never come back, and on the other hand, I also feel the current way of looking at irrational things with a slightly cynical eye. For some reason, I like quiet and relative phenomena. There are a lot of things I don't understand, but even that has become fun. I can't stop being excited about the fusion of unknown art elements. Please look forward to seeing this troupe, both children and adults who were children.


Jun Sena (Released on March 3th)

“Setagaya Art Farm” is a farm where theater creates art.
It has a very human and warm sound.
These days, the word "diversity" has taken on a life of its own, making us think about what really important communication is.
People connect, share their hearts, and recognize each other.
I would like to borrow the power of this work to reconsider such a simple origin.
We will work closely with everyone at the company to create a work that everyone can enjoy.
Please visit the theater.

Cast staff

[Original work] Minoru Betsuyaku (from the fairy tales ``Kiki on the Trapeze'', ``Wildcat Barber Shop'', and ``The Murderer's House on the Hill'')
[Composition/Direction] Kinuyo Nogami
[Music] Oortaichi
[Screenplay] Yoko Kitagawa
[Circus production supervision] Yosuke Meguro
[Cast] Miyu Saki, Hirohiro Matsuoka/Takamasa Tamaki, Keizo Nagashima, Mikie Tanaka/Jun Sena
[Circus artists] Aki Yoshida (aerial) Tomoko Saka (swing) Manami Hasegawa (aerial) Kento Yoshikawa (juggling, slack wire) Kojiro Meguro (tetra)

Organized by

Setagaya Arts Foundation

Planning and production

Setagaya Public Theatre




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Business hours: 10:00-19:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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