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The Setagaya Public Theater is a theater that explores the possibilities of new performing arts through professional creation and performance activities centered on contemporary theater and dance, as well as free creation and participation experience activities for citizens. From April 2022, director and actor Akira Shirai will serve as artistic director.
Located in the Carrot Tower, a landmark in front of Sangenjaya Station, it has two theaters: the main theater, the Setagaya Public Theater, and the small theater, Theater Tram. Space is provided.Since its opening in 2, it has developed a variety of "performance projects" and "curatorial projects" in order to realize the major goal of connecting the lives of citizens with culture and art using these facilities.In addition, it is not just a facility, but a new management style that has an artistic director and professional staff in the production, curatorial, and technical fields to create works, and is constantly attracting attention from public theaters nationwide.

Theater photo: Shinji Hosono

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