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What makes a human?
What does work bring us?

Seiji Nozoe directs a masterpiece by Karel Čapek, a nationally recognized Czech writer and playwright. A 1920 play that questions the development of civilization will be brought into the present day.

Performance schedule 2024/11 ~ 2024/12
Venue Theatre tram
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Business hours: 10:00-19:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

Comments from the director and performers

Seiji Nozoe (embellishment/direction)

This is not a story that criticizes humans.
It is natural to seek happiness and strive for progress, and there is nothing wrong with it. It would be helpful if it were more convenient, and I would be grateful if it would reduce my hardships.
Have robots been developed to do various things for you? Isn't it the best?
But why don't you feel very happy?
Someone once said that the feeling of happiness is designed to disappear.
That may certainly be the case.
However, it seems that the feeling of seeking happiness will never go away (although I am starting to realize that I cannot pursue it in the same way as before).
At first, I am very happy to be able to watch this very human story filled with despair and hope, with these wonderful actors, but I hope that this feeling of happiness, which seems to disappear soon, can be passed on to everyone who goes to the theater. I would like to take on the challenge.


Paddy field student

What is natural and what is unnatural?
What do living things seek and what do they live for?
First of all, what do we mean by “living organisms”?
When I first finished reading ``Robot,'' I thought about this for a while.
I would like to see myself living 100 years after this play was created.
I'm looking forward to every day of exploring what I can feel and how I can express it, both as an actor and as a person, even though it's a little scary.
We had a lot of discussions throughout the rehearsals with the director Nozoe-san and the wonderful cast and staff.
I would like to cherish my swaying heart as I move forward toward the actual performance.
Thank you very much!


Manato Asaka

Being able to be directed by Seiji Nozoe at Theater Tram, one of my dream theaters,
I'm excited to be able to work on this for the first time with the actors!
How is the work ``Robot'' created over 100 years ago, which seems to have predicted the current era, portrayed in modern times?
Also, it's a role I've never played before, where I feel like I'm far removed from myself, as I'm playing around with men.
I'm also looking forward to meeting new people.
I will do my best to get inspired and fully immerse myself in the play to express myself!


Watanabe Ikkei

This play was written 100 years ago, and I was first struck by the intensity of the dialogue between the characters, who were dramatically intertwined, not to mention its world line, which is frighteningly poignant into the present day. Interesting plays are difficult to perform. I'm sure you'll be worried and struggling with your lines during the actual performance. Nozoe has asked me many times in the past, but I haven't had the chance to meet him. However, I never expected that the work I was finally able to collaborate on would be such an aggressive play! Moreover, all of the actors are acting together for the first time on stage... I would like to spend the ``hot winter'' intensely in this troupe, which is a trembling first for me.


Robot, the monumental science fiction play created about 100 years ago,Launched as a modern story with coloring and direction by Seiji Nozoe!

This play was created approximately 100 years ago in 1920 by a famous Czech writer and playwright.Karel CapekAnnounced by. Capek is said to have coined the word "robot" from the Czech word "robota", which means "labor".

Approximately 100 years have passed since the play's release, this masterpiece by Čapek is being directed by a director who is renowned for his outstanding imagination and humor, and for his style of portraying a unique and bizarre view of the world.Seiji Nozoeis. Nozoe says, ``This may be the last chance for robots to perform while still being ``robot-like''.''

This is a cynical and absurd drama aimed at people living in 2024, when robots and humans are beginning to coexist, and we deliver it as a modern story.


Koki Mizuta, Manato Asaka, and Ikkei Watanabe will appear!

He plays Domin, the president of Rossum Universal Robot Company, the setting of the work.Watanabe Ikkei. This will be his first appearance at a performance hosted by Setagaya Public Theater since the 2022 production of "Wrong Address."

Former Takarazuka Revue top starManato Asakais the first appearance of a performance sponsored by Setagaya Public Theater. She will play Helena, President Domin's wife and representative of the Human Rights Alliance, who advocates for the advancement of robots.

After the robot revolt, the role of robot researcher Alquist, the only human being left alone, will be played by a talented actor who has appeared in numerous stage and video productions, both straight plays and musicals.Paddy field student. So far, he has appeared in performances of ``Osei Nari'', ``Mercury Fur'', and ``Dogenzaka Kitan'', the collection of modern Noh plays VIII, hosted by the Setagaya Public Theater.

Directed by Seiji Nozoe, these three artists will create the world of Čapek's play, which seems to have foreseen the world 100 years from now, as a ``world in the not-too-distant future.'' Please look forward to it.


Cast staff

[Written by] Karel Capek “Robot” (Kaizansha, translated by Akane Kurisu)
[Coloring/Direction] Seiji Nozoe
[Cast] Koki Mizuta, Manato Asaka, Ikkei Watanabe, and others


Coloring/Direction|Seiji Nozoe

Screenwriter, director, actor. He is the director of the theater company ``Haegiwa''.
Started acting in 1995 while attending Aoyama Gakuin University, and started ``Haegiwa'' in 1999. Since then, she has written and directed all performances. In 2012, she won the 56th Kishida Drama Award for ``○○Toal Scenery''. She has also been active outside of the theater company, including in the Saitama Super Arena production of ``1600 Gold Theater 1,'' a large crowd play starring approximately 2016 elderly people, and in ``Careful Lucy,'' a stage adaptation of the picture book originally written by Suzuki Matsuo. Major stage works in recent years include All Night Nippon's 55th anniversary performance ``Go out on a bright night'' (screenplay and direction, 23 years), COCOON PRODUCTION 2023 ``Galapakospakos - Are you evolving or not?'' (screenplay)・Director/performer 23 years), Haegiwa x Sai no Kuni Saitama Arts Theater ``Macbeth'' (performance script/director 24 years), etc. From July 2024, the musical drama “Dead Pirate” (screenplay and direction) will be released, and from September 7, the musical drama “My Ana, His Ana” will be produced by Mochiron. W” (adaptation, screenplay, and direction) is forthcoming.

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Tour performance available at Hyogo Arts Center Hankyu Middle Hall

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Setagaya Arts Foundation

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Setagaya Public Theatre




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