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To mark the 30th instalment of his performance-and-talk event series, “MANSAI: Kaitai-Shinsho” , Mansai Nomura, the Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theatre (SePT), will collaborate with the leading Japanese media artist Daito Manabe. Manabe is known as the former of Rhizomatiks Research along with Motoi Ishibashi, and is renowned for their creative use of new technologies. 

For each of the two-part performances of MANSAI: Kaitai-Shinsho from July 9–14, Mansai will also invite a variety of  guests to discuss their respective fields.

In this special 30th event, Mansai and the Rhizomatiks Research team will perform a new piece titled “5W1H.” For the second part of the show, different guests will appear each day to discuss the performing arts.


▼About “5W1H”

5W refers to the five interrogatives; “When, Where, Who, What and Why”, while 1H refers to the interrogative “How”.

In this work, Manabe attempts to encode humans’ attitudes to these six enquiry words in an effort to explore the primitive roots of interpersonal expression, and illuminate the fundamental sources of human behavior. By converting such factors into numerical information, while drawing also on analog thinking, the piece is a search for further understanding human nature.



◆Daito Manabe

Born in 1976 in Tokyo, Manabe is a media artist, DJ, and programmer who founded Rhizomatiks co.,ltd. in 2006.

In 2014, he was chosen as one of 11 innovative creators featured in a tribute video by Apple to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mac computer, along with groundbreaking U.S. “humanist technologist” John Maeda and Oscar-winning German composer Hans Zimmer.

The following year, Manabe and Ishibashi established Rhizomatiks Research, a division of Rhizomatiks co.,ltd. specializing in programing, interactive design, and the planning and organization of R&D projects. They are renowned for their work with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bjork and the English electronic musician Tom Jenkinson (aka Squarepusher) — as well as Mansai Nomura.


◆Motoi Ishibashi

Born in 1975, Ishibashi is director of Rhizomatiks Research. Ishibashi is an engineer and artist who not only plays a key role in producing devices and hardware, but is actively involved with art performances, music videos, and installation projects.

In 2011, Ishibashi was awarded the Excellence Prize at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival, and the Semi-Grand Prix in the Interactive Division of Austria’s highly prestigious Prix Ars Electronica.


◆Rhizomatiks Research

Rhizomatiks Research is a division of Rhizomatiks co.,ltd., devoted to searching for new possibilities involving technology and the arts.

Rhizomatiks Research has experience in various R&D projects, frequently developing and operating its own hardware and software, pioneering new work in fields such as media-arts and data-arts. The company is typically involved with a project from start to finish. Rhizomatiks Research collaborates with a wide range of creators while inquiring the relationship between humans and technology.

Since 2010, they have worked with the famous techno-pop group “Perfume” developing their video technology and live events’ stage-effects, as well as other leading artists such as Bjork, Ryuichi Sakamoto and American rock band OK Go.

Rhizomatiks Research is also in collaboration with Japanese choreographer MIKIKO and her dance company ELEVENPLAY in a project to develop real-time interaction effects and cutting-edge digital technology that respond in real time to the dancers’ movements.

The company was in charge of the visual effects and technical elements of the field performance in the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.


Cast & Creative

Planned by Mansai Nomura
【Visual Design / Technical Direction】Daito Manabe+Motoi Ishibashi+Rhizomatiks Research
【Cast】 Mansai Nomura, Yuichi Otsuki, Mansaku no kai




Audience Support

Childcare Service

A childcare service is normally available for performances staged at Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram for which advance tickets are sold.

Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1526 Setagaya Public Theatre
You may reserve childcare services up to noon of the day 3 days before the desired reservation time, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha

Wheelchair Spaces

Both Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram are equipped with wheelchair spaces to allow visitors to watch performances from their wheelchairs. However, as capacity is limited, use of wheelchair spaces is by reservation only.

Charge: 10% discount on the corresponding area ticket charge (plus up to one attendant free of charge)
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1515 Theatre Ticket Centre

Wheelchair spaces may be reserved up to 19:00 on the day before the desired date, but when the number of reservations reaches capacity, applications will be closed. So please make your reservation well in advance.