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room. Onaya Rion

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A series that introduces new talent that the theater has high hopes for.An up-and-coming choreographer debuts!
Onaya Rion (room.Onaya Rion), who was selected for Theater Tram Next Generation's first physical category, has announced a new work.
The motif of the new work is “insects”

Performance schedule 2023/12/07 (Thursday) ~ 2023/12/10 (Sunday)
Venue Theatre tram
Prices General: 3,500 yen
Release date General: 2023/10/08 (Sun) ~
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room.Onaya Rion, who was selected for the first time in the physical category, announces a new work

Starting with vol.15, which marks a milestone for "Theatre Tram Next Generation," we have divided the genres into "theatrical" and "physical," and have begun accepting applications every other year.After the renewal, room.Onaya Rion was selected as the first artist in the physical category.
Onnaya began classical ballet at the age of three, and began her path to contemporary dance after meeting Pina Bausch.While enrolled in the dance education course at Ochanomizu University, she researched artists focusing on Pina Bausch, while participating in works by choreographers such as Kenshi Nomi, Hiroaki Umeda, and Saori Hara.At the same time, she began creating her own works, winning the Yokohama Dance Collection Best New Choreographer Award for ``I'm not a liar.'' (3).She is currently working as a DaBY resident artist, and is attracting attention as one of the young people who will lead contemporary dance in Reiwa.


Onaya Rion incorporates many theatrical elements and conveys a unique sensibility and strong core.
The motif of the new work is “insects”

-I feel like I've met you somewhere before, and somehow, maybe we were one.-

The motif of this work is "insects".With the title ``Pupa,'' which means pupa, we present new works that focus on ``inner sensations'' and ``circulation of memory.''Please take a look at the new dance performance created by Onnaya, who has a reputation for creating works that incorporate many theatrical elements and are sprinkled with her own unique sensibilities.

Choreography/Direction/Performance: Rion Onaya Comments

Butterfly larvae lose their shape once inside the pupa to emerge.I feel that destruction for the sake of creation is a healthy form of human activity.In modern times, technology allows us to produce large quantities of products of the same quality, and systems have been created to allow us to consume them, and we are losing opportunities for energy circulation.Through my work, I would like to explore the circulation of energy using the body, or the possibility of organically connecting with others.I would be happy if we could take the time to explore together how we can share that with the audience.

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Cast staff

[Choreography/Direction] Rion Onaya
[Cast] Aokid Haruka Suzuki Mano Hatanaka Jun Aoyagi Rion Onaya
[Music] DRUMS: Seitaro Iesaka KEYBOARD: Hanna *Performed only on December 12th (Sat) and 9th (Sun)
[Space Design] Rira Fujisaki

[Stage Director] Takashi Kawachi 
[Lighting] Takehiko Maruyama 
[Sound] Yoshihiro Nakamura 
[Costume] Kyoko Fujitani
【宣伝デザイン】生駒優貴(絵描き:Cobble) 生駒卓 
[Documentary photo] Hiroyasu Daido 
[Video recording] Takaki Sudo 
[Assistant Director] You Shirai
[Production assistant] Kanoko Iwaki, Saya Hayashi 
[Production] Kaori Goto

[Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director] Akira Shirai


Rion Onaya

Rion Onaya  
(Rion Onaya choreography, direction, and performance)

Born in Shinjuku in 1998, raised in Gunma Prefecture. She began attending ballet classes at the end of the age of three, learning classical ballet from Noriko Seyama.She learned of Pina Bausch and was shocked when she was in elementary school.At the same studio, she learned the basics of modern dance techniques and creation through workshops and performances by Fabien Prioville, Azusaki Seyama, and others.After experiencing various dance genres such as jazz dance and character dance, she enrolled in the dance education course at Ochanomizu University.While studying at the university, she researched artists focusing on Pina Bausch, and also participated in works by various choreographers such as Kenji Nomi, Hiroaki Umeda, and Saori Hara.She is currently also active as a DaBY resident artist.She started creating her own works while still in school, and in 3 she won the Best New Choreographer Award at the Yokohama Dance Collection.She has continued her creative activities ever since.Through the creation of her works, she explores a certain shared understanding of ambiguous areas, such as the enumeration of words before they have meaning or the state of the body before choreography is born.
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12/8 (Friday) 19:30 Saori Hara (Artist/Choreographer/Dancer) 
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room.Onaya Rion / Setagaya Cultural Foundation

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room.Onaya Rion / Setagaya Public Theater




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