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The Setagaya Public Theater has been operating since 15."Pretty happy workshop patrol group"We have been working on creating classes that utilize theater workshops in classes at elementary and junior high schools in the city.
Thinking about questions that have no correct answer.
Communicate the ideas that come to mind to the other party and accept the ideas of the other party.
create something together.
This time of trial and error is called the "theater workshop", and nurtures the children's "zest for life."
Together with the teachers, I would like to think about class content that is appropriate for that school and that class.
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Past efforts

Since 15, we have developed various forms of classes using drama workshops at elementary and junior high schools in the city.We would like to introduce some of the initiatives we have taken so far for your reference.

Subject "Japanese"

Implementation school: Karasuyama Elementary School
Target: 2nd grade elementary school
Number of implementations:3クラス+つくし組×6時限分(2021年1月27日、26日、2月14日、18日、3月15日、17日)

Based on the 1st-year Japanese activity of "expressing the shape of things with your body", the 2nd-year Japanese activity "Let's act out the characters in the story" was carried out.
After remembering the activities of the 1st graders, we read the picture book "Ippon Michi wo Iiteitera".After that, they were divided into groups, and they worked together to create characters based on their own ideas, such as playing characters that appeared in picture books and thinking about original characters that they wanted to express themselves.

Subject "Japanese"

Implementation school: Sakuragaoka Junior High School
Target: Junior high school second grader
Number of implementations: 6 classes x 2 periods (July 2022, 7, 7, 8)

Aiming to activate communication in the class, learn the joy of self-expression, and cooperate with each other. Did.First, after expressing the shape of the object with the body, we divided into groups and created stop-motion scenes of Articles XNUMX and XNUMX of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.After thinking about the scenes before and after the stop motion, and creating a play with movement and words, a new group chose a treaty that they thought was important and created a play for it.Through the activities, I practiced communicating my thoughts and feelings and discussing with others to form a consensus.

Other subjects (Japanese)

Implementation school: Kamikitazawa Elementary School
Target: 2nd grade elementary school
Number of implementations: 3 classes x 4 periods (February 2021, 2, 8, 9, 15)

We asked you to use theater to better understand the world of The White Horse of Suho.After playing a rock-paper-scissors game and doing activities that express the shape of things with the body, we read "Suho's White Horse".After the story-telling, the children were divided into groups.We created the scene while imagining the feelings of the characters and the scene at that time, such as what kind of place each group was in charge of and how Suho was feeling at that time.At the end, each scene was connected and the class performed one "Suho's White Horse".

class building

Implementation school: Hot School Shiroyama
Target: 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school
Number of implementations: 3 times (November 2021, January 11, February 25, 1)

At Hot School, which is attended by children and students who are unable to attend school due to psychological reasons, there are children of various grades from elementary school to junior high school.Children who usually do not interact with each other get to know each other and get used to group activities.

School arts and learning presentations

Implementation school: Fukasawa Elementary School
Target: 1nd grade elementary school
Number of implementations:4クラス×2時限(2017年9月24日、25日)、学年×6時限(2017年10月17日、11月5日、11日)

For the first time, in order to get used to the four-class joint activities, each class had the pleasure of expressing themselves through their bodies and created a play while consulting with each other.Once production of the play began in earnest, we helped each other to create the play together, such as the importance of thinking about the meaning of the lines, how to act for those who did not speak the lines, and how to devise a way out.

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