Theatre Tram Next Generation: A program to discover emerging artists
for vol. 14, Setagaya Public Theatre (SePT) Presents Anju-no-Chi (SAFE HAVEN), a collective of next-generation artists brimming with vigor and possibility!

Theatre Tram Next Generation is SePT’s program to discover and develop talented young artists.

In this program, theatre groups selected from an open call are given the opportunity to perform at Theatre Tram, with support provided by SePT. Numerous former participants in this program continue to be active in the theatre world to this day, including faifai, FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo, MINAMOZA, Tegamiza, Takuro Suzuki, Kaimaku Pennant Race, Dorobo Taisaku Light, to R mansion, and many more.

After a 2-year hiatus, Theatre Tram Next Generation is back with vol. 14, featuring a performance by SAFE HAVEN, a company founded only 5 years ago that very quickly made its mark on the theatre world.

SAFE HAVEN is not bound by traditional notions of theatre, and their innovative works attempt to expand the possibilities of the performing arts. They create energetic performances that leave an impact on audiences through their innovative use of theatrical space, and they also create very different works in collaboration with various artists from different genres. SAFE HAVEN is a young and vibrant collective of artists, made up of 14 members in their late 20s and early 30s who create distinctive work not only in the theatre world but also in fields including photography and video art.

After being selected by artistic development programs at theatres and museums, SAFE HAVEN went on to participate in festivals including the Toyooka Theatre Festival and the Street Theatre Festival “STRANGE SEED SHIZUOKA” , establishing their position at the forefront of the Kyoto theatre scene. Expanding its activities throughout the rest of Japan, the company won numerous awards in the Kanto region as well, such as the Kanagawa Short Drama Awards Grand Prix (2021) and the Audience Award at the 12th Sengawa Theatre Drama Competition (2022).It can be said that it is the theatre company that attracts the most attention now.

This production is co-written and co-directed by Masaya Okamoto and Kapi Shido.
SAFE HAVEN is a new style theatre company that is not bound by the conventional framework of a “theatre company”, such as changing the person in charge for each work without fixing the writer and director, and also working on co-writing and directing. Survivors, Calm Yourselves!, is Okamoto and Shido’s third time collaborating on writing and direction, and it is the company’s first solo production Tokyo.

In recent times, diversity has become an increasingly frequent topic of discussion. This work takes the discomfort and doubts these creators who are still in their 20s feel about this topic as a key theme, depicting the state of co-existence that follows a discordant period of quarreling and conflict.

Diversity comes in many forms, including differences of race, nationality, gender, religion, and fundamental values. Conflict comes into being through stereotypes that stand in the way of diversity. Is reconciliation possible in the wake of that kind of conflict? Is it possible to achieve diversity without reconciliation?

In this work, Masaya Okamoto and Kapi Shido team up as co-writer and co-director to explore the apparent paradoxes inherent to the concept of diversity.

This is a work in which two creators with different creative styles combine their distinct sensibilities to create a performance that brings out the best of both approaches. The result is something is like a manifestation of SAFE HAVEN itself as a collective that brings together a diverse group of artists. Survivors, Calm Yourselves! is at once subtle and daring, and it is sure to leave audiences with a multifaceted impression of the nature of diversity.

Don’t miss your chance to watch this cutting-edge performance woven together by a group of next-generation artists who are brimming with vigor and possibility.



In the distant future, earth’s environment has transformed dramatically from its state in the 21st century. A group of survivors remains on a small island in the far east known as Fujiyama—the peak of Mt. Fuji, formerly known for its impressive 3776m height. All kinds of beings have gathered there, seeking a place to live, including humans, beastmen, animals, supernatural creatures, monsters, and more. Thus begins an interspecies conflict in which each group draws on their own language and culture in a battle for a home, for justice, and for their own continued existence.



Founded in 2017, SAFE HAVEN is a Kyoto-based theatre company and artistic collective.

They create mixed media art in in collaboration with creators in cultural realms including music, photography, video and film, and fashion. With a creative process that brings together numerous artists and actors from diverse genres to create a single work, SAFE HAVEN has explored a wide range of theatrical genres, including science-fiction, comedy, media art, virtual reality, music theatre, and silent theatre. In this way, SAFE HAVEN continually expands the possibilities of theatre.

Cast & Creative

Company directer by Ayano Nakamura
Written & directed by Masaya Okamoto and Kapi Shido


Koki Moriwaki, Nanami Kusaka, Hiroe Yamashita, Yudai Sawayanagi
Sadayume Ikeura (ONIKU DU SOLEIL) , Akihiro Furuno, Mayumi kanetani



◎= Post-performance talk will be held.※Holders of tickets for the performance may attend.
16 December, Friday 19:00 Kenji Yamauchi
17 December, Saturday 13:00 Kinuyo Nogami
17 December, Saturday 18:00 Hideto Iwai
18 December, Sunday 18:00 Akira Shirai
※Holders of tickets for the performance may attend.

△= Cameras will be installed in the audience area for recording purposes.


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