Sancha de Daidogei is 25 years old since it was born in 1997. This year as well, we will deliver the unique Sancha de Daidogei, focusing on indoor performances! “Daidogei on stage” at Theater Tram, and Please look forward to “Machinaka Expedition” and “Machinaka Photo Studio”.


Sangenjaya Becomes Art Town!

Sangenjaya is just five minutes away from Shibuya on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. Away from the bustling city center, this town is a place where people can feel relaxed. Carrot Tower, a landmark of Setagaya, stands in front of the station. Throughout the surrounding area, shops and homes maintain the neighborhood’s friendly atmosphere. A variety of people come and go in its peaceful residential areas.

Setagaya Art Town: Sancha de Daidogei is an art festival that transforms this town into a somewhat quirky ‘art town’ for two days. Beginning in 1997, local shopping streets and the Setagaya Arts Center came together to make the town of Sangenjaya a theater, and the event has now been established as an autumn festival.


★Official HP http://arttown.jp/

★Official SNS accounts
 ・Instagram→ 3cha.daidogei
 ・Twitter → @3cha_daidougei
 ・YouTube→ YouTube channel


Cast & Creative

Daidogei on Stage 
Team A : 16 (Sat) 13:00 / 17 (Sun)  17:30
Kanauknot, Mami Kano,  CHARAN-PO-RANTAN
Team B : 16 (Sat) 17:30 / 17 (Sun)  13:00
ZEROKO,Kunimitsu Inaba Trio , Funny Bones

*Special Live : 15(Fri) 18:30
Nao Takeuchi&Old and New Dream Jazz Orchestra, Juggler Laby

Daidogei on Stage

It’s… not quite street performance, but this year, the street performers will be gathering at the Theatre Tram! 

●Outline of the event
October 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun)  13:00 and 17:30
(Doors open 45 minutes before show starts)
Venue: Theatre Tram
Free admission. Reservation required  【Scheduled number of sheets ends.】

●List of performers 
Team A ・・・ 16 (Sat) 13:00 / 17 (Sun)  17:30  
Team B ・・・ 16 (Sat) 17:30 /  17 (Sun) 13:00


Look for “Sancha” and “Dido” hiding here and there in the Sangenjaya shopping district. Commemorative goods will be presented to those who find them. (The first 50 people)


Approximately 180 photos of Sangenjaya will be posted around Sangenjaya! Please refer to the MACHINAKA map and look for it while strolling around the shopping street. Enjoy the history and landscape changes of the festival over the last 25 years.


Art Rakuichi is lined with handmade art shops every year. This year, past photos will be exhibited at Fureai Hiroba, and three booths will be opened by the staff.

October 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun)    12:00 to 18:00
Venue: Fureai Hiroba


We recycle flags and banners that have been used at festivals and in local shopping streets, and with the help of social services in Setagaya and all of our volunteer staff, we create original goods.
The finished goods are sold during the festival, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause—the money collected goes on to “Get Through the Novel Coronavirus Together Funds” at Setagaya city.
Through this festival, we aim for this project to send good vibes and well wishes to those in Setagaya Ward and East Japan.

Project Sponsor
Toho Holdings Co., Ltd.


Daidogei on Stage
【List of performers】
Team A ・・・
Kanauknot, Mami Kano,  CHARAN-PO-RANTAN
Team B ・・・
ZEROKO,Kunimitsu Inaba Trio , Funny Bones

■Special Live 
Nao Takeuchi&Old and New Dream Jazz Orchestra, Juggler Laby