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Sangenjaya Becomes Art Town!

Sangenjaya is just five minutes away from Shibuya on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. Away from the bustling city center, this town is a place where people can feel relaxed. Carrot Tower, a landmark of Setagaya, stands in front of the station. Throughout the surrounding area, shops and homes maintain the neighborhood’s friendly atmosphere. A variety of people come and go in its peaceful residential areas.
Setagaya Art Town: Sancha de Daidogei is an art festival that transforms this town into a somewhat quirky ‘art town’ for two days. Beginning in 1997, local shopping streets and the Setagaya Arts Center came together to make the town of Sangenjaya a theater, and the event has now been established as an autumn festival.

You’re Not Just Watching—Visitors Are the Stars Too!

Step out of the station, and walk in whichever direction your feet take you. Everywhere you go, you can see the magnificent performances of artists from all over the world—pantomime, juggling, fire dancing and acrobatics—or let yourself be drawn by delicious aromas, to take a peek at each shopping street’s best food and drink stands.
Throughout the town, volunteer staff and shopping streets work together, unique, dreamed-up decorations add splashes of color, and out of the corner of your eye, you can see walking acts—moving street performances—coming to meet you.
There’s also Art Rakuichi, a market of small shops lining the Karasuyamagawa Green Road, run by 100 groups of various artists, selling small items full of humor and other goods. There’s the Fortune-Telling Street, where famous fortune tellers gather in the arcade on Setagaya-dori. There’s the Caricature Corner, run by town experts. Other attractions, such as candy sculpture, will put you in a fun, festive mood.
These two days bring 170,000 visitors. The town is bustling with people. There is joy as residents of Sangenjaya encounter those gathering from outside the town, as well as artists. The next thing you know, that joy has made everyone here a star of today’s show.

It is a festival that performers, locals, volunteer staff and visitors can enjoy together. It is Setagaya Art Town: Sancha de Daidogei.


★Official HP http://arttown.jp/

★Official SNS accounts
 ・Instagram→ 3cha.daidogei
 ・Twitter → @3cha_daidougei



Cast & Creative


<Special Guests>
Chinese Acrobat
TOKYO Zatsugi


Julot                   photo by Waits

AT2011_チポラタス_Waits 182_トリミング350

THE CHIPOLATAS                     photo by Waits

Algento Circus
Araki Tomoe
Astronautslack Elephants
Chinen Daichi
Coconut Yamamoto
Funny Bones
Geinin Makoto
Kano Mami
Kobayashi Yuji
Los Ojillos Negros
NAO&WAGAN Brothers
Matsumoto Kanako
Shika Udai
Shokakuya Tenta
TOKYO Zatsugi
Wada Shizuo

<Sancha street >
Face paint: Yuki
Amezaiku (candy sculpture):  Kojima Masami
Fortune telling: Caroline, Miel

<Open Call Roving performer>
Jinni the marionette Frenchie
Se ting(Sawamura Seichi)
Tensai Ikareponchi
Fantastic doll
Ventriloquism Odette hime


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Let’s send good vibes with recycled goods!
We recycle flags and banners that have been used at festivals and in local shopping streets, and with the help of social services in Setagaya and all of our volunteer staff, we create original goods.
The finished goods are sold during the festival, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause—the money collected goes on to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Through this festival, we aim for this project to send good vibes and well wishes to those in Setagaya Ward and East Japan.

Project Goals
・Eco-friendly activities
・Contributing to local community (support for social services, getting to know people where we live)
・Support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Project Sponsor
Toho Holdings Co., Ltd.

2019/10/19(Sat)12:00~17:00,  20(Sun)12:00~17:00 @Sancha Patio

Photo Gallery of Art Town 2018

AT18_NANIROSSI_c_Haruhi KATO_300_クレジットあり AT18_SUKE3&SYU_c_大野浩司_300_クレジットあり

AT18_Stiltango_Sasaki Toshie_300_クレジットあり AT18_アストロノーツ_c_Rie SASAKI_300_クレジットあり