Ohanashi no mori (The Story Forest) is full of stories. There are stories you already know, stories you might think you know but have forgotten, and stories you’ve never heard before. What storybooks will we read? That’s a secret you’ll have to come to the performance to discover!

One year since the last performance, the light blue flag of the Ohanashi no mori series will fly once again at Theatre Tram. We’re sure you’ll enjoy these wild, crazy, and cool storybook readings by ROLLY and Jin Katagiri.
The performances on July 30 feature the musician ROLLY. This year, ROLLY has appeared on stage in performances of The Rocky Horror Show and The Life of a Child, and in May he put on a 32nd anniversary concert. He is also continuing his journey in the role of Commander ROLLY on NHK Educational TV’s Musica Piccolino. At the 14:00 performance, ROLLY will hold a storybook reading session while he plays guitar. The 18:30 performance will be a solo music concert, where you can fully soak in the vibes of ROLLY’s singing and guitar playing. And he’ll read a little bit from a picture book, too.
The performances on July 31 will feature actor Jin Katagiri. He has worked in theatre, film, and radio, with credits including TV Tokyo’s Kichijoji Losers and MX TV’s My Art Theatre. He also creates clay sculptures, and last year he presented an exhibition titled 20 Years of Clay Sculpture: The Encyclopedia of the Work of Jin Katagiri. Both performances by Jin Katagiri will feature delightful music by the Bakurocho Band. Katagiri and the Bakurocho Band are in perfect synch with each other after working together for 14 years on NHK Educational TV’s Shakiin!, where Katagiri appeared as the voice of Jumoku until the programed ended in March of this year.

☆At the end of these performances, children will receive a special summer present!

One last note: Ohanashi no mori began in Setagaya in 2010, and this summer will be the final installment of this series.
ROLLY has been appearing since the very first installment, and this year will be Jin Katagiri’s fourth appearance. They’re both excited for you to come to Theatre Tram, and they’ve prepared so many different pictures books to read to you! Don’t miss this chance to create an unforgettable memory!
Finally, a very special thank you to all the authors and publishers who took the time and made the effort to allow us to project your picture books onto our stage for these performances.

Cast & Creative

ROLLY(7/30), Jin Katagiri(7/31)

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Jin Katagiri








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◆=Ongaku no Mori (ROLLY’s special live solo show)
○=Jin Katagiri

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