A One-Woman Play Depicting the Tumultuous Life and Undying Love of a Burlesque Dancer
Don’t Miss the Shocking Ending that Cuts to the Heart of Human Nature!

Murderous Intent: Striptease was published in 1950 by playwright Juro Miyoshi, who is known for his incisive depiction of both the depravity and bottomless vitality of humanity. In this play, a burlesque dancer narrates her shocking life story.

Director Tamiya Kuriyama takes the helm of this provocative production. Kuriyama is one of Japan’s preeminent directors, and he was the recipient of last year’s Yomiuri Theater Award. He has a long history of directing superb productions across a number of genres, including translations of international works, modern Japanese theater, classical theater, and musicals. Last year at SePT, Kuriyama received widespread critical acclaim for his impressive production of Chimerica, a sensational play that tackles the subject matter of the Tianamen Square protests and depicts the complex relationship between China and America.

Kuriyama’s frequent and trusted collaborator Anne Suzuki will play the leading role in this production. Suzuki has demonstrated her impressive talent in productions by Japan’s best directors, including Yukio Ninagawa, Keralino Sandrovich, and Suzuki Matsuo. Anne Suzuki has a truly one-of-a-kind stage presence, and she is sure to impress audiences with her portrayal of the complex emotional landscape of this burlesque dancer’s intense inner life.

In this play, a young burlesque dancer is caught up in the dizzying changes that occurred in the period before and after World War II. Both the city of Tokyo itself and also the mental and emotional state of its citizens went through a dramatic transformation. After losing the man she is deeply in love with, she burns with rage at this absurd and arbitrary world. She gradually realizes and comes to terms with human nature, in a story that is deeply relevant to our modern times. This story resonates deeply with our lives in 2020, telling a tale filled with misguided populism, resignation at the nature of human existence, and pathos.

In this performance, members of the audience are patrons at an exclusive club, watching a show on that stage. However, they are not just detached observers. This is an unsparing play that shows how it possible for anyone to feel, or to be on the receiving end of, Murderous Intent.

Don’t miss your chance to see this shocking collaboration between SePT and Tamiya Kuriyama, featuring a stunning performance by Anne Suzuki!




Cast & Creative

Written by Juro Miyoshi
Directed by Tamiya Kuriyama
Cast : Anne Suzuki





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