Uncovering new talent, it’s Theatre Tram Next Generation Series Vol. 11!

Setagaya Public Theatre created the Theatre Tram Next Generation Series to discover and foster young talent. In this annual project, a promising young theatre company is chosen through open applications to stage a performance at Theatre Tram in the public theatre complex.

This year, for the 11th installment of the Series, the Lamanoda theatre company has been invited to present its own work, “Blue Propeller”(『青いプロペラ』), written by Kengo Minamide and directed by Aya Morita.

Morita founded Lamanoda in 2015, since when it has exclusively presented Minamide’s plays — works that typically depict people’s everyday lives from an oddly off-focus viewpoint that serves to highlight the recurring absurdity of human nature.

In fact “Blue Propeller” was the company’s debut production in 2015, when the play (then titled “Dripping-wet Pigeon”『ずぶ濡れの鳩』) was among the final contenders for the Japan Playwrights Association’s sought-after 21st Best New Playwright Award.

Set in the staff lounge of a small rural supermarket in Ishikawa Prefecture in western Honshu, this hilarious human drama will be performed in the distinctive local dialect that surrounded Minamide as he grew up there .



As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the survival of a long-established Maruei supermarket in a mountain village is at risk because a big shopping center has opened in the next town. Yet though the employees launch a campaign to save their shop, their hearts aren’t really in it and they are ready to accept their fate — especially as they remember how their Maruei itself put many small shops out of business when it opened.


<About the Lamanoda company>

Aya Morita and Kengo Minamide founded Lamanoda in 2015 to present plays she directs by Minamide, whose distinctive pieces reveal absurdities in human nature through eccentric conversations peppered with black humor in which misery can become comic or happiness turns to sorrow.

After making the Japan Playwrights Association finals in 2015, the following year Minamide did receive the coveted New Playwright Award for “Just Touched.”(『触れただけ』) In addition, in 2015 he also won the 2nd Hokkaido Drama Award with “It’s Not Over,”(『終わってないし』) and he has been nominated for both the AAF Drama Award and the OMS Drama Award.
Meanwhile, after studying at the renowned Seinenza Theater Laboratory, then founding Lamanoda in 2015, Morita won the Japan Directors Association’s prestigious Young Directors Competition in 2016 for her productions of “Blue Propeller “and “Keep It a Secret Until the Day After Tomorrow.”(『明後日まで内緒にしておく』)

Unlike some Next Generation companies in recent years that have had pronounced, distinctive styles of their own, Lamanoda’s work might at first appear quite orthodox. Then, however, audiences find themselves drawn in and mesmerized, or even emotionally shaken, by the magic so carefully fashioned on stage around deceptively straightforward stories of real power. And so, step by step, Lamanoda’s reputation continues to grow.

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Cast & Creative

Written by Kengo Minamide
Directed by Aya Morita
Kazuhito Tomikawa, Rie Tanaka, Kouhei Hayashida, Marika Fukunaga, Mai Imaizumi, Maiko Saito, Kotaro Inoue,Toshiaki Inomata

Player of Steelpan music: STARS ON PAN



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