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“Run! Run until the world melts away!” 

Kholstomer:The Story of a Horse is the stage adaptation of Russian literary master Leo Tolstoy’s novel Kholstomer, originally published in 1886. It draws a contrast between the foolish behavior of human beings and a wise and thoughtful horse, shining a spotlight on the boundless greed of humanity. This work is a stoic exploration of universal themes in rich poetic language. It asks the question, “What does it mean to receive the gift of life in this world?”

This play has received international acclaim since it was first staged in Russia in 1975, and now director Akira Shira will stage a new production of Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse at SePT.

This production features a stunning cast. Songha plays the role of the titular horse, who suffers an unjust fate simply because he is born with a piebald coat. Tetsuya Bessho plays a prince who notices the horse’s hidden potential. Ryosei Konishi is perfectly suited to play the role of a young military officer. He is practically a symbol of youth and beauty who becomes an obstacle for both the prince and the horse. And Kei Otozuki plays a femme fatale who changes all of their fates.

This cast is full of charming and truly unique performers, including Hiroshi Omori, Takayasu Komiya, Shihou Harumi, and Yu Koyanagi. It also features a group of 9 fierce performers who play a pack of horses. These 17 actors are working in collaboration with a team of veteran production staff to bring this Russian story from over 100 years ago to life as a truly modern tale. This is spectacular production, packed full of song and dance. Don’t miss it!


Kholstomer is a swift steed, born with a gift for galloping. However, because humans hate his piebald coat, he is raised as if he is completely worthless. But one day, a dashing prince appears at the stable. The owner of the stable recommends a horse with a beautiful coat. But, when the prince sees Kholstomer, he is able to discern his stunning natural ability and buys him for next to nothing. Kholstomer’s life with the prince becomes the most joyful time in his life.
However, one day, on the prince’s whim, Kholstomer is entered into a horse race. At the race track, the prince’s lover vanishes after encountering a young and handsome military officer. In a fit of rage, the prince attaches Kholstomer to a sleigh and whips him mercilessly to make him run. When they catch up with the prince’s lover, Kholstomer collapses from exhaustion and becomes seriously ill. That day was the start of a new life, for both Kholstomer and the prince . . .




Cast & Creative

Written by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
Script by Mark Rozovsky
Music by Mark Rozovsky,Kazuki Kunihiro
 Lyrics by Uri Riashentsev
Translated by Shinji Horie
 Translated lyrics by Akira Shirai,Kazuki Kunihiro

Directed by Akira Shirai

Cast:Songha,Tetsuya Bessho,Ryosei Konishi,Kei Otozuki/ 
Hiroshi Omori,Takayasu Komiya,Shihou Harumi,Yu Koyanagi,
Fumiya Asakawa,Katsuhito Amano,Ohgi Nishida,Takumi Suda,
Yuri Anada,Saori Kouzuki,Sayaka Kobayashi,Chihiro Nagaishi,Saho Kumazawa

Music by Keiko Komori(S.sax.) Natsuko Hara(A.sax.) Daisuke Murakami(T.sax.) Hiroko Uehara(B.sax.)







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