Cast & Creative

Based on
Rampo Edogawa

Written & directed by
Yutaka Kuramochi







Haru Kuroki  Hairi Katagiri  Kouki Mizuta   Satoru Kawaguchi
Yoshihiro Kasuya  Masako Chiba  Satoru Jitsunashi  Zen Kajihara












◎Post-performance talk(15 Wed Satoshi Kuramochi & Mansai Nomura / 17 Fri Satoshi Kuramochi & Haru Kuroki Hairi Katagiri Masako Chiba Yoshihiro Kasuya / 22 Wed Satoshi Kuramochi & Kouki Mizuta Satoru Kawaguchi Satoru Jitsunashi Zen Kajihara)
△Official video recording during performance
■Explanatory meeting for visually impaired people(in Japanese / advance reservation required)
□Additional performance

Audience Support

Childcare Service

A childcare service is normally available for performances for which advance tickets are sold.
However, as capacity is limited, use of childcare service is by reservation only.

Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Setagaya Public Theatre
Tel. 03-5432-1526
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha

You may reserve childcare services up to noon of the day 3 days before the desired reservation time, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed.
So please make your reservation well in advance.
Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.

Wheelchair Spaces

Both Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram are equipped with wheelchair spaces to allow visitors to watch performances from their wheelchairs. However, as capacity is limited, use of wheelchair spaces is by reservation only. So please make your reservation well in advance.

Charge: 10% discount on the corresponding area ticket charge (plus up to one attendant free of charge)
Applications: Theatre Ticket Centre
Tel. 03-5432-1515

Please check here for audience support and barrier-free services provided by our theater.