As a leading standard-bearer of France’s thriving contemporary circus scene, Raphaëlle Boitel brings her sensational 2018 work When Angels Fall to Setagaya Public Theatre this October.

In marked contrast to many other circus performers, Raphaëlle and her brother Camille — a darling of Japanese dance lovers since his sensational 2014 debut here with his acrobatic and dreamy performance in L’Immédiat — are well-known the world over for their vibrant and charismatic characters.

After Raphaëlle made her stage debut at the age of 6, the siblings landed minor roles in a film where they met the Swiss actor and circus performer James Thiérrée, who became a family friend with whom they were soon performing on tour.


In 2012 Raphaëlle founded her company, Cie L’Oublié(e), displaying her talents as a director and choreographer in creating a unique physical theatre circus that transcends the concept of genres. Since then, Raphaëlle’s unique works have attracted a wide international following among circus, dance and theatre lovers — as well as children and the hearing impaired.

After its October 2018 premiere in Boulazac in the Dordogne region of southwest France, When Angels Fall immediately went on national tour before moving on to the United States in February 2019 with great success.

A circus performance set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia in which individuality is crushed by a mechanized society, When Angels Fall portrays survivors who will do anything in the hope of living. Yet from such darkness people’s spirit flickers again and eventually rises amid powerful and splendid aerial displays that any lover of stage performance would surely be sorry to miss.


Cast & Creative

【Direction and Choreography】 Raphaëlle Boitel
【Artistic collaboration, Set design, Light design】Tristan Baudoin
【Original Soundtrack】Arthur Bison
【Costume】Lilou Hérin
【Performers】 Loïc Leviel, Emily Zuckerman, Lilou Hérin, Tristan Baudoin, Nicolas Lourdelle, Clara Henry





Audience Support

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Wheelchair Spaces

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