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Stories of the Community is a theatre workshop in which members of the public come together to meet each other, explore a variety of topics, and create theatre about those topics.

This year, two teams of participants are making theatre on the topic of “family.”

In the “Distance” team, participants from with diverse national backgrounds, gender identities, and interests come together to think about familial relationships in terms of psychological and physical distance. This team will also collaborate with a group of workshop participants from Singapore.
In the “Changes” team, a diverse group of participants explore issues related to the nature of “masculinity” and the role masculinity plays in society. Building on this starting point, they also think about the unique difficulties men face and the changing nature of family.

On March 22, the final day of the workshop, the approximately 30 workshop participants make a public theatrical presentation about the issues they explored from January through March.
Don’t miss the chance to come to this performance! We aim to make the final presentation a space for everyone who attends to think about these issues along with us.

Cast & Creative

[Cast] participants of Stories of the Community workshop



March 22, 2020

11:00 Performance

·       Followed by a free-flowing post-performance discussion without any of the performers
·       The lobby opens at 10:00, and seating begins at 10:45

15:00 Performance

·       Followed by a post-performing discussion that includes the performers
·       The lobby opens at 14:00 and seating begins at 14:30


*The content of both performances is the same. Cameras will be installed in the audience area for recording purposes at both performances.

How to make a reservation

To make a reservation, please call Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Center on 03-5432-1515 (open 10 a.m.–7 p.m).Be sure to specify which performance(s) you wish to attend (11 a.m. and/or 3 p.m. on March 22); the number of seats required (max. 2 per reservation); and your contact details (phone number, e-mail address).

*Bookings will close when all seats are reserved.
*Tickets can be collected at the reception desk on the day of the performance until 5 minutes before the starting time. Only those with tickets may enter the theatre. 
*Doors will open at 10:45 a.m. for the 11 a.m. performance, and at 2:30 p.m. for the 3 p.m. performance.


Audience Support

▼For the Hearing Impaired 
Booklets to help understanding the performance will be available on the day. Please contact our staff if you need them.

▼Wheelchair Spaces
Applications:Tel. 03-5432-1515 Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre
Wheelchair spaces may be reserved up to 19:00 on May 13, but when the number of reservations reaches capacity, applications will be closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, for wheelchair users who prefer to watch the performance from a regular seat, the theatre will smoothly guide them too and from their seat. Please contact the theatre in advance to take advantage of this service.

▼Childcare Service
Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1526 Setagaya Public Theatre
You may reserve childcare services up to noon of May 19, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha