Photo by Mitsunori Shitara

Photo by Mitsunori Shitara


Setagaya Public Theatre (SePT) presents playwright Philip Ridley’s shocking portrayal of two brothers who long for life and love!
Don’t miss this eagerly anticipated revival, now featuring a new cast!

Mercury Fur is a play that was written in 2005 by British playwright Philip Ridley. Its Japanese premier was in 2015, in a production directed by Akira Shirai at Theatre Tram.

So far, Shirai has directed five plays by Ridley for SePT. All of these productions received critical acclaim for their innovative use of theatrical space and astonishing direction. It is no exaggeration to say that no playwright inspires Shirai more than Ridley.

Mercury Fur portrays the cruelty of humanity when pushed to its limits. Even compared to Ridley’s other plays, it is a work that depicts particularly shocking content. The characters spout off one provocative line of dialogue after another. Set in a desolate world plagued by violence and pillaging, Mercury Fur incisively exposes the true nature of humanity, while simultaneously portraying the beauty of the human longing for life and love. Audiences were shocked by its premier performance. 

Now, seven years later, SePT is presenting a new production of Mercury Fur. And this time, the venue moves from Theatre Tram to the Setagaya Public Theatre.

Don’t miss your chance to see this performance, featuring a compelling cast that includes Ryo Yoshizawa and Takumi Kitamura taking on the roles of two brothers living in desperate times.



Two brothers arrive in a run-down room. They begin to prepare for a party. Then, a young man suddenly appears. He says that he will help them, because he wants “butterflies.” Later, a beautiful character named Lola appears. Next, a man who seems to be the leader of the party and a mysterious older woman both arrive. They proceed to have an abnormally verbose conversation as they each fulfill their own role for the party. Eventually, the party guest arrives. A gift is prepared, but then something strange happens to the gift, leading to an unexpected turn of events…


Photo by Mitsunori Shitara

Photo by Mitsunori Shitara


Cast & Creative

Written by Philip Ridley
Directed by Akira Shirai
Translated  by Chizuko Komiyama

Akira Shirai

          Akira Shirai







Ryo Yoshizawa, Takumi Kitamura
Masaki Kaji, Shuto Miyazaki, Seiichi Kohinata, Hikaru Yamazaki
Kenji Mizuhashi, Yuhi Ozora




〇= Exclusive performance

△=Cameras will be installed in the audience area for recording purposes.


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