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Setagaya Public Theatre(SePT) Presents the Definitive Two-Man Play: The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria
Don’t miss this controversial work that shook the theatre world!


SePT is proud to present a production of the two-man play The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria at Theatre Tram in November and December of 2022. This will be the second entry in the Two-Person Plays at Tram series, following our production of Venus in Fur in August and September. This series matches up-and-coming directors with talented actors to stage two-person plays.

This production will be directed by Miyuki Ikuta, in her first outing at Theatre Tram. Ikuta will bring a fresh and innovative perspective to this absurdist play. She describes The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria as a work that portrays a cruel and twisted world with a combination of dreamlike elements and humor.

This play will feature performances by Kenichi Okamoto and Songha. This is a dream collaboration between two actors who have delivered striking performances throughout the world of Japanese theatre.

Don’t miss your chance to see these two dynamic actors perform The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria!


Rising Star Miyuki Ikuta’s Directorial Debut at Theatre Tram

Miyuki Ikuta will make her directorial debut at Theatre Tram with this production. After becoming a company member at the Bungakuza Theatre Company in 2016, she directed her first production for that company in 2017 with a staging of Seiji Nozoe’s Water for the Pigeons at the Bungakuza Atelier. She has also received critical acclaim for her directorial work on projects including the International Theatre Institute’s Theatre Born in Conflict Zones series and playwright Erika Kamata’s Oroika Song. Additionally, she served as Assistant to the Director for Saitama Arts Theater’s Genre Cross II series production of Be led astray this July, which was written by Shu Matsui and directed by Ryohei Kondo. She also participated as an Assistant Director for SePT’s own production of Forests (2021), an installment in The Blood of Promises quartet, which also featured appearances by Kenichi Okamoto and Songha. In this role, she supported director Satoshi Kamimura in his intricate portrayal of an epic tale of a bloodline spanning eight generations, and in the process she gained the trust of actors Okamoto and Songha. Now, she will apply her fresh and innovative sensibilities as a director to take on the task of directing this major work by playwright Fernando Arrabal.


Kenichi Okamoto and Songha face off in this play set on a deserted island
where the line between fiction and reality is blurred

In this play set on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, Kenichi Okamoto plays the role of the Emperor, while Songha plays the Architect, the only native of the island.

These two actors have worked together before, and they are well known for their skill interpreting texts and embodying them on the stage. Recently, they both appeared in SePT’s production of Forests (directed by Satoshi Kamimura , 2021), part of The Blood of Promises quartet. These two actors recognize each other’s talent and have formed a bond of mutual respect. And now, in their third production together, they are going to face off in this two-man play.

In this piece, Okamoto and Songha make use of their consummate physical acting skills to take on one role after another with ease, like children playing pretend. Either of them might transform at any moment into a mother, a lover, or even an animal. As they traverse the space between reality and fiction, their interaction unfolds in a way that cuts to the heart of fundamental human desire. There’s no doubt that Okamoto and Songha are the perfect actors to bring this stunning two-man play to life. Don’t miss it!




“Just show me a miracle, any miracle. I want to feel your essence.”

The director Thomas is holding an audition to find the perfect actress to play the leading role in his adaptation of Venus in Furs, but no one seems to be right for the role. However, just as he is about to go home, an unknown actress named Vanda shows up late to the audition. Nothing about Vanda matches his ideal, but she demands to be given a chance and he reluctantly allows her to audition. However, as Thomas reads the role of the male lead for Vanda’s audition, he finds himself drawn to her performance. He thought they would only read three pages of the script, but then…

A plane crashes on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. A man emerges from the wreckage, calling himself the Emperor (Kenichi Okamoto). The Emperor names the single native of the island the Architect (Songha), and he attempts to educate the Architect in the ways of modern civilization. Both characters seek something from the other, but they also come into conflict. Eventually, both of them start to perform a variety of roles, and they begin to speak from the bottom of their heart, discussing the raw truth about desire, love and hate, and guilt. This sets the play on the path to its shocking conclusion…

Cast & Creative

Written by Fernando Arrabal
Translated by Seigo Tanokuchi
Staging Script / Directed by Miyuki Ikuta

Miyuki Ikuta


Kenichi Okamoto, Songha

Kenichi Okamoto   Songha



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