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Photo by Seiji Sibuya


Adapted and directed by Mansai Nomura, this production of Macbeth has already been enthusiastically welcomed around the world by audiences in New York, Seoul, Sibiu and Paris. Now, at long last, Nomura’s Macbeth is setting off on a Japan tour with Sawa Suzuki in the role of Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s four greatest tragedies. In this version, adapted and directed by Setagaya Public Theatre’s Artistic Director Mansai Nomura, the story has been simplified and made easier to grasp by reducing the number of characters to five and diligently and carefully revealing their various anxieties and conflicts. Since its premier in 2010, Nomura’s adaptation of Macbeth has evolved and intensified in the course of successive performances in Japan and overseas. As a new version of a Shakespeare classic that draws on the quintessentially “Japanese” beauty of the minimalist direction techniques employed in Noh and Kyogen, Macbeth was staged in New York and Seoul in 2013 and at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania and in Paris in 2014, enjoying rave reviews from all these audiences.

In 2016, the quadricentennial of Shakespeare’s death, a revived staging of Nomura’s Macbeth is setting off on a long-awaited tour of Japan with performances scheduled in Hokkaido, Tokai, Kinki and Kyushu.

This time, in a prestigious production of Nomura’s Macbeth, Sawa Suzuki is joining the cast as Lady Macbeth. Moreover, the well-known shakuhachi player Dozan Fujiwara, an active member of the musical unit KOBUDO, is supporting the production in the role of music supervisor. In addition, on this tour, all the performances will be accompanied by English surtitles.

Please look forward with anticipation to this newly revived version of Macbeth.

Cast & Creative

Mansai Nomura

Mansai Nomura

Sawa Suzuki

Sawa Suzuki







Written by
William Shakespeare

Directed by
Mansai Nomura

Music direction
Dozan Fujiwara

Mansai Nomura  Sawa Suzuki  Keita Kobayashi  Keitoku Takata  Keiji Fukushi


All stages performed in Jananese with English surtitles

◎Post-performance talk

☆Reserved stage

■Explanatory meeting for visually impaired people(in Japanese / advance reservation required)

▼2nd・3rd floors reserved by students group