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Kim Ito "Dumbs"

Kim Ito "Dumbs"

The self-searching is over.
Start peeling yourself off.

not me not you
no one, anyone
without leaving anything, without saying anything
fly to the other side of the universe

Kim Ito develops a variety of works that surprise the audience with humorous and satirical cuts that shake the audience.
In this solo dance, the first new work in 5 years, Kim Ito and Kim Ito's alter ego (Dummys) talk and play with each other, and the mysterious state of today's "real" and "truth" is developed on the stage. .

Performance schedule 2023/06/23 (Fri) ~ 2023/06/25 (Sun)
Venue Theatre tram
Performance time About 1 hour (no break)
Lobby opens: 45 minutes before the start
Seats open: 30 minutes before the start of the performance
Prices generally:
Release date generally:
Contact Us Kim Ito & GERO
Reception hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00

Cast staff

[Choreography/Direction/Performance] Kim Ito


February 2023, 06 (Friday) - March 23, 2023 (Sunday)


▽ = Preschoolers can enter only at 6:25 on 15/00 (Sunday) (advance reservation required)


Non-reserved seat with reference number
Release date
2023/04/21 (Friday) 10: 00 ~
29 and under
*Certificate required on the day
Release date
2023/4/19 (Wed) 10:00~
When you didn't tell about the cancellation on the day
General 5,000 yen Under 29 years old 4,500 yen
Tomonokai member discount
Pre-sale only
Release date
2023/4/19 (Wed) 10:00~
Setagaya Arts Card member discount
Pre-sale only
Release date
Thursday, March 2023, 4 from 20:10

Ticket agency information

Setagaya Public Theater Online Ticket
Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre
03-5432-1515 (10: 00 ~ 19: 00) https://setagaya-pt.jp/membership/booth/

Other notes

About tickets and seats

* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.however6/25(Day)15:00Preschool children are allowed to enter (advance reservation required).ApplicationClick here for the guidelines.
Parents must purchase a separate ticket at the Setagaya Public Theater Ticket Center or online ticket.
*We may not be able to guide you to your original seat after the performance.note that

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Appreciation support

Childcare service

Childcare services are basically available for performances where advance tickets are sold.
Due to the limited number of seats available, reservations are required.

Prices 2,200yen(per person)
Target Over 6 months old and under 9 years old
application Setagaya Public Theatre 
TEL 03-5432-1526
Consignment Kids Room Tinker Bell Sancha

Reservations will be accepted until noon three days before the desired date of use, but will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
Please make your reservation as soon as possible.
In addition, please consult about children with disabilities.

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Prices 10% discount on the applicable area ticket fee [Up to 1 attendant is free]
application theater ticket center 
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It will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity.Please make your reservation as soon as possible.

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Physical Theater Company GERO


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In cooperation with Unnan City Tourism Association

Saison Foundation, Ayumi Masuda

Contact Us

Kim Ito & GERO

TEL. 080-5383-0577

Reception hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00

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