Photo: Shingo Wakaki


The irrepressible sorrow and dryness seeps out
Tamiya Kuriyama throws Masataka Matsuda's Yomiuri Literature Award-winning work into the present age


Playwright / directorMasataka Matsudaset his hometown of Nagasaki on the stage, and won the 1999 Yomiuri Literature Award for Best Play/Scenario.Tamiya Kuriyamawill launch.

The Setagaya Public Theater has collaborated with Tamiya Kuriyama on "Yabuhara Kengyo" (12 and 15), "Shanghai Moon" (18), "CHIMERICA" (19), "Murderous Strip Show" ( 20 years) and “Even if there are people who laugh at her” (21 years).
This is Matsuda's first production since "Tani no Tani, Ginga no Oka" (03, New National Theatre, Tokyo). I chose "On the Summer Sand", which portrays the helplessness and affection of people living in Japan.

From the conversations between the main character, who has lost his job and his wife has run away from home, and the people surrounding him, this work reveals the irresistible sadness and dryness of the heart that drifts in seemingly calm days.

Playing the main character, Osamu KouraKei Tanaka.Kuriyama will challenge the director for the first time in three years since "CHIMERICA", which was highly praised for his sincere acting.Playing her wife, Keiko, who abandons her husband and leaves home, demonstrates a unique presence in stage and video works.Naomi Nishida.Appearing in many video works as a young talentAnna YamadaThis work will be the first stage appearance.
In addition, it is attracting attention as a supporting player of the new eraHiroyuki Onoue, a talented performer who won the 55th Kinokuniya Theater Award Individual AwardMatsuoka Yomi, and is active mainly on the stage and is trusted by directorsYoshihiro Kasuya,Miho Fukaya,Kazutaka MimuraAnd the actors with a wealth of stage experience have been aligned.

Tamiya Kuriyama and a team of talented actors portray the delicate emotional patterns of the characters, which are revealed through the accumulated conversations, in the present age.Please look forward to it.


Photo: Shingo Wakaki

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A provincial city, a town with slopes.
The houses clinging to the slopes face the harbor.
A rusty shipyard in the harbor.
Summer day.

Osamu Koura, who lost his job at the shipyard and was abandoned by his wife, Keiko, appears when Keiko, who has left home, appears.Keiko came to pick up the mortuary tablet of her son who died at the age of four, but Osamu was vaguely aware of Keiko's relationship with her former colleague.
At that time, Osamu's younger sister Asako arrives from Tokyo with her 16-year-old daughter Yuko.Asako says that she will open a snack bar in Fukuoka to pay off her debt, and leaves Osamu to push her Yuko into her hand.
Osamu and Yuko begin living together.


Photo: Shingo Wakaki


Comment from Tamiya Kuriyama
Lately, perhaps because of my age, I've been attracted to quiet, slow-moving dramas.In the second half of the rehearsal, it seems that she has scraped away the decorations that she has accumulated so far, and is only looking at the scenery and words that are left at the end.
There was a request for a new production from the Setagaya Public Theater.She spent a little longer than usual thinking about her performance.This is actually the happiest time of my life, when I can reflect on my past.At that time, Masataka Matsuda's lines were heard in pieces.Sometimes it's swaying in the wind, sometimes it's a dry silence that suddenly stops.
The hot emotions that flow in the scenery of "On the Summer Sands" and the people who lived there at that time, surrendering themselves to the quietly ticking time, from this desolate present to the moment. I want to stare at


Comment from Masataka Matsuda
It was a long time ago that I wrote a play called Natsu no Suna no Ue (On the Sand of Summer), which was performed at the Aoyama Amphitheater at the request of Oriza Hirata. It was 1998.
I remember walking around Nagasaki in the summer when I was writing this play and the plot had not yet been decided.As I was sweating and climbing up and down the hill, I felt that the outline of the play gradually emerged.I remember writing the lines as if my body were clinging to the stone steps, rather than creating a drama imagining my hometown of Nagasaki from afar.It was my experience of just walking around Nagasaki that I got the image of being drowned in a flood and being burned by a flash of light.
From standing, walking, and sitting, to lying down, lying down, and finally evaporating and being washed away as a shadow.The drama about the standards of life becomes more apparent as it submits to the gravity of the times.Perhaps I wanted to write a play that transforms from a 'everyday' play to a play that confronts 'life and death'.
Still, perhaps the most interesting thing about theater is that it is performed with the ``thoughts of the author''.I am very much looking forward to seeing the performance.

Comment from Kei Tanaka
I am very happy to have the second chance to play under Mr. Kuriyama since "CHIMERICA" in 2019.I'm really looking forward to seeing how deep Matsuda-san's work can be explored, what kind of stage it will be under Kuriyama-san's direction, and how I'll experience it myself.I hope that everyone will also feel the depth of this work and what is wriggling behind it.We are waiting for you at the theater.


◆Naomi Nishida comment
This is the first time for me to be directed by Mr. Kuriyama, who I have seen many times, and it is also the first time for me to stand on the stage of the Setagaya Public Theater.I wanted to challenge myself to see what kind of scenery I could see.Matsuda-san's Natsu no Ue no Ue is a wonderful play, so I hope to create a stage where you can feel the humidity of Nagasaki together with the co-stars.I hope that everyone will be able to feel the same atmosphere as us on stage.


Comment from Anna Yamada
This is my first time appearing on stage, and ever since my appearance was decided, somewhere in my head there is a sense of tension about the "stage".I'm excited to see what it's like to be on stage with audiences watching in front of me.I would like to have the courage to throw away the few experiences and values ​​I have had so far, and to challenge myself with the feeling of starting a new play.I would like to do my best to keep up with Mr. Kuriyama's guidance and all the co-stars who have a lot of stage experience.


[Written by] Masataka Matsuda 
[Direction] Tamiya Kuriyama







[Cast] Kei Tanaka, Naomi Nishida, Anna Yamada
    Hiroyuki Onoe Etsumi Matsuoka Yoshihiro Kasuya Miho Fukaya Kazutaka Mimura
















[Art] Shusaku Nimura
[Lighting] Hajime Hattori  
[Music] Kazuki Kunihiro
[Sound] Masahiro Inoue
[Costume] Fumiko Maeda 
[Hair and makeup] Naoki Kamata 
[Dialect Instruction] Ritsuko Karasawa
[Director's Assistant] Sudo Kie 
[Stage Director] Naoaki Tanaka

[Artistic Director] Akira Shirai

[Advertising art] Chiaki Aizawa
[Promotion photo] Shingo Wakaki
[Advertising stylist] Ayuko Takagi
[Advertising hair and makeup] YOSHi.T

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Photo: Shingo Wakaki


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first day comment

◆ Tamiya Kuriyama (director)

I was able to welcome the first day of the work that I have been cherishing for a long time.Each character plays quietly on the stage with their own memories of their past, and each remains silent.The nihilistic spectacle of people goes to the last scene without any change, as if the summer is ending.The only thing that changed was the fact that I lost three fingers.The curtain has fallen, and the wind that had been gently blowing until now has stopped, and it feels like a few holes have opened there.It's like being left alone in the dry summer sand.
The story of Nagasaki, which was born twenty-odd years ago, seems to overlap strangely with this empty era.I'm so grateful to have met such mysterious and lovely people as we are!


Kei Tanaka (role of Osamu Koura)

on the summer sand.I just finished my first day.
Today, November 11rd, seems to be a very auspicious day, so I borrowed that power, there were some happenings, and I made a mistake in my lines, but I think it turned out to be a good first day.
It was a lot of fun.
It's the first time I haven't even broken a sweat on stage, but I'm happy to be able to live with Kuriyama-san's reliable cast in this interesting book.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how much it will change and evolve.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the theater.
There is no doubt that it is a stage that you can not easily see, so please do not miss it! !


◆ Naomi Nishida (role of Keiko Koura)

I'm very happy that the first day has finally arrived after struggling every day with the difficulty of acting everyday.But I'm sure it will continue until Chiakiraku.Talking, listening, feeling, and what lies behind words, I thought about it many times during my training with Mr. Kuriyama, but I really can't stop thinking about it.I want to listen carefully and exist in that small tatami room.want to live.So that you can imagine that those people were desperately living in that place.I'll do my best.


◆ Anna Yamada (role of Yuko Kawakami)

For the time being, I am filled with relief that everyone was able to welcome the first day safely in such a situation.This is the first time I will be on stage with this work, and the experience of performing in front of an audience is also close to my first time.
I have spent the past month in intense rehearsals, but in a sense, each and every one of them is freshly created on the spot at that moment. I feel it.
During the rehearsal period, Kuriyama-san, the staff, and the senior actors have spoken to me a lot.

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  November 11 (Friday) 11:19 Masataka Matsuda Akira Shirai (Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director)
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