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Theater Tram Next Generation vol.4

Theater Unit Tegamiza "Rampo's Love Letter"

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December 2012, 01 (Thursday) -March 26, 2012 (Sunday)
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General : From Sunday, September 2011, 11
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Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2011, 11
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image/“Ranpo no Koibun” (10) Photographed by Masaaki Ito

This project, which started with the aim of revitalizing the theater world centered on the local area and nurturing young theater people, is now in its fifth year.
Selected from 46 applications, we present the work of the "Theater Unit Tegamiza" led by Ikue Osada, a notable playwright with a delicate brushwork that spins the agility of the heart.

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A message has arrived from the director/playwright Ikue Nagata.
“Ranpo no Koibumi” will be performed by Next Generation.Even though I'm in the rehearsal room right now, I feel like I want to imprint every moment that's happening here in my heart.All of us are filled with the joy of creating theater, and are moving forward together with the work, aiming for a goal that is far from the premiere.Director Takuya Senda's eyes are more delicate.Be bolder.more densely.I practice repeatedly to carefully raise the folds of my heart.I believe that many people will be able to enjoy the stage full of the charm of the drama and the charm of the world of Rampo.Please come and see the world that arises when you encounter the theater space of Theater Tram!
TEGAMI-ZA Director / Playwright
Ikue Osada
●Synopsis A fantasy pursuit kitan about the disappearance of Ranpo.In XNUMX, Rampo, unable to write even a single character in his serialized novel, disappeared in despair.Takako's wife follows her whereabouts and visits Ranpo's beloved Asakusa.Puppeteers and puppets were waiting for her.The puppet begins to act.It was the story of Ranpo and Takako himself... Taro Hirai, who survived the false name of "Ranpo", and Takako, who was born and raised on a small remote island, depict the trajectory of two people's hearts.

Theater Unit Tegamiza Profile
Founded in 2009 with playwright Ikue Nagata (belonging to the Japan Playwrights Association and studying under Hisashi Inoue).He adopts a style of collaborating with directors and actors according to the work to be performed. Joined the theater company in 2011.Focusing on the subtleties of the heart, delicate words, and carefully woven compositions create overwhelming empathy.I hope to capture the moment when a person's life sparkles and "poetry" rises.

"Rampo's Love Letter"Special Sitewas established
Rehearsal diary is being updated!
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[Director] Takuya Senda (The Hindu XNUMX Times)
[Screenplay] Ikue Nagata

[Appearance] Unai Ozaki (Tegamiza) / Atsuko Fukuda (Tegamiza) / Kanako Nishida / Toru Okano (Body Scenery) / Yoshitaka Inaba (Gekidan Sajiki Doji) / Makino Wada / Daichi Miyazawa / Hiroko Sakai (Ryuka. )/Makito Kuga (The Hindu XNUMX Times)/Naofumi Kanehara/Osamu Ishii/Shiyun Nakamura

Performance schedule

July 2012

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* Performance time is scheduled to be about 2 hours and 15 minutes (no intermission).
*Same-day tickets are sold at the ticket counter in the theater tram lobby from 45 minutes before the start of the performance.
*It is expected that the performances on the 27th (Fri) at 19:29 and the 14th (Sun) at XNUMX:XNUMX will be crowded.

◎=There will be a post-talk Cast: Ikue Nagata (Screenplay) / Takuya Senda (Director) Moderator: Katsuyoshi Yahagi (Setagaya Public Theater)
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.After the performance, we may not be able to guide you to your original seat.note that.


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