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Theater Tram Next Generation vol.4

Setagaya Silk "Waiting for migratory bird signals"

Performance period
December 2012, 01 (Thursday) -March 19, 2012 (Sunday)
Theatre tram
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General : From Sunday, September 2011, 11
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Friday, October 2011, 11
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2011, 11
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image/“Waiting for Signals for Migratory Birds” (10) Photo by Iku Okuyama

This project, which started with the aim of revitalizing the theater world centered on the local area and nurturing young theater people, is now in its fifth year.
As the winner of the 2nd Setagaya Ward Art Award “Flying”, we will deliver the work of “Setagaya Silk”, led by En Horikawa, who demonstrates various talents such as scriptwriting, directing, acting, dancing, and advertising art.

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1/21 (Sat) After the 19:XNUMX performance, a post-talk will be held Urgent decision!
Cast: En Horikawa (Screenplay/Director/Performer) / Yasushi Hasegawa (Sponsored by Annette Fujiyama)

It's finally opening!rehearsal hall blogThe cast introduction is being updated daily.
I received a message from Mr. En Horikawa, who wrote, directed, and performed.
I think the world is a strange place.
Exactly three years ago, when I participated in a performance at the Setagaya Public Theater as an ensemble, we used the same rehearsal hall as now.
Without having a single conversation with the director who seems to have absolute power,
It ended while I didn't know if my face was remembered.
However, at that time, I met a girl, and now I am here as a member of the theater company.
Hey, the world is a wonder.

The theme of this work is also a mysterious thing, such as life, death, and the universe.
I've been living until now thinking about what it is.
When I'm in the rehearsal room, being overwhelmed by the heat of the harsh people, the number of ideas keeps increasing and the possibilities overflow.
That's why I want to condense them into one and create a work.
It looks like it's going to be a vivid and gentle, a little mysterious stage that I've never seen before.
Please come by all means.
●Synopsis The main character is Shiori, whose father is a light craftsman.He is a middle school student without a mother.She is always stubborn and gets into fights with her classmates and gets scolded by her teacher.She reluctantly goes to her neighboring town to buy her milk for her father.She should have gotten on a regular train, but for some reason the inside of the train is overflowing with strange people.Shiori was scared at first, but gradually her 14-year-old emotions about her family, death, and happiness began to waver.

● Setagaya Silk Profile
Launched in 2008.The focus was on non-conversation, such as "Friski," a performance that incorporates Japanese dance and classical ballet, "Hokorhythm," in which the actors say a line while walking to the rhythm, and "Sugoroku," in which the actors move at three times the speed and have no line. Performs performance theater using many original physical expressions.

"Setagaya Silk 2011-2012" Trailer Movie has arrived!

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[Screenplay/Direction/Performance] En Horikawa
[Original] Kenji Miyazawa "Night on the Galactic Railroad"

[Cast] Yuna Emiri/Marina Shimoyama/Miki Mori/Kaoru Asakura/Hidetomo Araki/Miki Inamori/Yumi Iwata/Yukari Obikin/Keiko Koike/Nafumi Sasaki/Ken Takagi/Masanobu Tanaka/Yusuke Hizawa/Juka Matsuyama / Yukiko Aoki/Yumi Ohinata/Marie Kobayashi/Yukako Shimizu/Nozomi Takei/Mariko Teranishi/Yuko Tomabechi/Yuri Miyazaki/Honami Yamazaki

Performance schedule

July 2012

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
◎=Post talk 1/20 (Fri.) Appearance: En Horikawa (Screenplay/Director/Performer) Moderator: Katsuyoshi Yahagi (Setagaya Public Theater)
1/21 (Sat) Cast: En Horikawa (Screenplay/Director/Performer) / Yasushi Hasegawa (Presided by Annette Fujiyama)

* Performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hours and 50 minutes (no intermission).
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*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.After the performance, we may not be able to guide you to your original seat.note that.


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Setagaya Silk Site

Setagaya Cultural Foundation / Setagaya Ward
[Planning and production]
Setagaya Public Theater / Setagaya Silk
[Hair & makeup cooperation]
Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center
Toyota Motor Corporation/Bloomberg/Shiseido
Tokyu Corporation/Tokyu Hotels/Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
2th Setagaya Ward Art Award “Flying” Winner Performance
Fiscal 23 Agency for Cultural Affairs Creative transmission project from excellent theaters and music halls