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"Outward Turn - Outen"

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April 2011, 11 (Sun) to April 06, 2011 (Sun)
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General : From Sunday, September 2011, 09
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Seiko Takada / Keita Oishi "Unchain My Heart"


        Miwako Ichikawa/Hiroyuki Onoe/Hijiri Ando “Peach”


       Honoka/Yosuke Asari/Michie Kakimaru “I want to go”


      Rie Minemura / Yasushi Togiri "Overturn"

 With the aim of creating a work that will be accepted by a wide range of generations, we will be performing "Outen - Outen" at Theater Tram in November.
 His screenplay was selected as a finalist for the 52nd Kishida Kunio Drama Award, and in 2009, he won the 21 (64th) Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Newcomer Award for writing and directing a replay at Theater Tram. Yuko Kuwabara, who won the award, and Go Aoki, who has been active in many works as a screenwriter and director, will be directing.

 Four stories progress centering on three pairs of men and women and their drivers who got on a high-speed night bus on a summer day.The contents drawn in each story are all centered on women.Each had their own unique cast.

 In "Unchain My Heart", a man who was laid off and a woman who used to be his mistress hand over the ashes to his siblings in accordance with her mother's will.Seiko Takada, the star actress of Gekidan☆Shinkansen, plays the woman who is having an affair, and Keita Oishi plays the laid-off man.
 Younger brother is confused when a woman claiming to be his brother's fiancé appears at the peach farm run by twin brothers."Peach" gradually reveals her identity and her brother's feelings.Miwako Ichikawa, who has appeared in many video works and left a strong impression on the stage with Suzuki Matsuo's work, Hiroyuki Onoe, and Kiyoshi Ando will appear.
 A woman who jumps from the second floor of her house and ends up in the hospital deepens exchanges with a man who wakes up from a coma in the same room.Honoka, Yosuke Asari, and Michie Kakimaru, who made their stage debut in "Kafka's Metamorphosis," will appear.
 Rie Minemura and Yasun Togiri, who belong to Nylon 100 Degrees and are also active in other theater companies, will appear in "Yokotou", which depicts a woman who meets her son's friend by chance at a bus stop and heads for the same destination.
 In addition, Shuji Fujikawa and Ryuta Endo will appear in multiple stories.

 A story that gradually reveals the troubles and conflicts that each person has as they move back and forth across the time axis.Expectations are high for Yuko Kuwabara, Go Aoki, and the chemical reaction of the attractive performers.

to getter I have summarized my impressions in, so please take a look.
◎=Post-talk performers and moderator decided!
November 11 (Wednesday) Seiko Takada/Kyota Oishi/Rie Minemura/Ansu Togiri/Go Aoki
November 11 (Friday) Miwako Ichikawa/Hiroyuki Onoe/Kiji Ando/Go Aoki Moderator: Miho Nakai
November 11 (Sat) Honoka/Yosuke Asari/Michie Kakimaru/Go Aoki Moderator: Kyoko Tokunaga
November 11th (Monday) Go Aoki / Mansai Nomura
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"Shinobu's Theater Review"A rehearsal report for "Outen - Outen" has been published.
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*November 11th (Sun)Theater tour held
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Latest message arrived! !
Message from Seiko Takada and Keita Oishi who appear in "Unchain My Heart"

Message from Ms. Rie Minemura and Ms. Yasun Togiri
Message from director Go Aoki

"Outen - Outen" Trailer Movie

Messages from Miwako Ichikawa, Hiroyuki Onoe, and Kiyoshi Ando who appear in "Peach"

Messages from Honoka-san, Yosuke Asari, and Michie Kakimaru who appear in "Ikitai"

[Screenplay] Yuko Kuwabara (KAKUTA)
[Director] Go Aoki

[Appearance] Seiko Takada / Keita Oishi "Unchain My Heart"
      Miwako Ichikawa/Hiroyuki Onoe/Hijiri Ando “Peach”
      Honoka/Yosuke Asari/Michie Kakimaru “I want to go”
      Rie Minemura / Yasushi Togiri "Overturn"
      Shuji Fujikawa/Ryuta Endo

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July 2011

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