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Theater Tram Next Generation vol.2

faifai "parakeets look for black cats"
2008 Setagaya Ward Art Award “Flying” winner performance

Performance period
December 2010, 01 (Wednesday) to January 20, 2010 (Friday)
Theatre tram
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General : From Sunday, September 2009, 11
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Friday, October 2009, 11
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2009, 11
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image/Photographed by Kazuya Kato

Formed in 04, Kaikai consists of 13 members.In addition to stage and dance, video production, exhibitions, events
It is attracting attention for its versatile activities that are not bound by genre, such as project planning.This time, last year's Setagaya Ward art
Performance of the work that won the Jutsu Award “Flying”.How can you not miss them who always send out new and fun things?
I don't.

*Web magazine"Shinra" Feature article published.
I received a message from the director and choreographer Kinuyo Nogami.
Two and a half weeks have passed since the rehearsals started.
Although it's a replay, it's very different from "Zeller Schwarze Katz [Thesis]" three and a half years ago.
The number of actors, the staff, and for some reason the script have also been changed.And I'm still writing.
The anxiety at the stage where the work has not yet taken shape has not changed at all from three and a half years ago, but the excitement I feel is greater than at that time.
Almost 2010 years.
After this performance in January, I will become a mom in March.
Right now, it's a double maternity in terms of "producing a work" and "producing a child".
But not so blue.
No, no, you who haven't met yet, what will the new era be like?
That's exactly what "next generation vol.2" feels like☆
― Kinuyo Nogami ―
《Theatrical company profile》
Formed in 2004. A company in Tokyo with 13 members.A happy aura group that packages the present we live in pop.
From summer to autumn 2009, they will travel around Europe on their first overseas tour!
Such Kaikai is nicknamed "Trash & Fresh Japanese Expressionist".Let's enliven the world together in the dream of the 21st century!

Theater Unit "Fight or flee? 』 March 2010st (Sun) -1th (Wed), 24
FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo "Those Recitals" 2010 year 1 month 30 day (Saturday) · 31 date (day)

[Written by] Chiaki Shinoda
[Direction/Choreography] Kinuyo Nogami

[Cast] Mai Nakabayashi/Koji Yamazaki/Shunya Itabashi/Emika Kuroki/Naoki Sugawara/Kujiko Sumii (Kyotsubone)/Yasushi Takeda/Eiji Senda (Rotten Romance)/Hiroaki Morooka

Performance schedule

July 2010

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
◎ = There will be a post-talk by the director
▼=Post-performance dance included
*The talk will be about 25 minutes, and the dance will be about 15 minutes.
* Performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hours and 10 minutes (no intermission).
*Same-day tickets are sold at the theater tram lobby from 45 minutes before the performance.


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