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Korean National Theater

"Te -The Life Cord-"
* Performed in Korean (with Japanese subtitles)    

Performance period
April 2009, 07 (Friday) -April 10, 2009 (Saturday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
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General : From Sunday, September 2009, 05
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Sunday, September 2009, 05
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2009, 05
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●Comments have arrived from the National Theater of Korea.
“I believe that 'Womb', which has a strong Korean flavor, such as historical materials, themes, music, and costumes, will be a unique opportunity to experience the originality of Korean theater.”

A comment has arrived from Artistic Director Mansai Nomura.
“The Womb, produced by Mr. Oh Tae-seok, a leading figure in the Korean theater world, is a wonderful fusion of traditional theater and contemporary theater, and strongly demonstrates what it means to be Korean. I would like to take this rare opportunity to have the Japanese audience see it.”

"The Life Cord" is a monumental work of Korean contemporary theater that beautifully modernizes traditional Korean theater techniques and depicts a magnificent historical story.
Based on Korean historical facts, this is a work that depicts on a large scale the unchanging repetition of human stupidity and the pity of human existence since ancient times.
Sejo, who assassinated the 6th king of Joseon, King Danjong, who ascended the throne at a young age, and ascended to the throne as he wished, gradually fell into madness and destruction between his desire for power and the guilt of having executed all of King Danjong's vassals. It is a magnificent historical story about heading towards.

Oh Tae-seok, who wrote and directed this work, is said to have changed the course of modern Korean theater.With lines based on the rhythm of Korean traditional music, Pansori, and physical expressions that express emotions unique to Korea, he modernized traditions and incorporated them into contemporary theater.

"The Life Cord" was selected as one of the top 3 works that audiences would like to repeat in Korea, and in 2006, it became the first national brand drama selected by the Korean government. Not only is it a work that represents Korea.
Experience the raw power of Korean theater at the theater.

[Writer/Director] Oh Tae-seok

[Appearance] National Theater of Korea National Theater Company

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July 2009

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* The performers for the post-talk and pre-talk have been decided.
◎ = There will be a post-performance talk Cast: Oh Tae-seok / Mansai Nomura
▼=Pre-talk from 13:30 before the performance Starring: Oh Tae-seok/Yoshio Ozasa
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