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Kyogen Theater XNUMX
A Pro Kyogen "Two Daimyo" "Nawanai" Noh Music "Thunder"
B Pro Kyogen “Kiyomizu” Noh Music Kyogen “Bakuchi Juou”

Performance period
From Wednesday, July 2009, 06 to Monday, December 24, 2009
Setagaya Public Theatre
Ticket pre-sale start date
General : From Sunday, September 2009, 04
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Saturday, March 2009, 04
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2009, 04
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image/Photographed by Yasuhide Kuge

After the performance at 6:29 on Monday, June 19th, a post-talk will be held.
Appearance: Mansai Nomura / Ferruccio Soleri (Performance in Piccolo, Milan "Arlecchino: Having Two Masters at Once")

The 6th "Kyogen Theater" sent from the special Noh stage of the Setagaya Public Theater!
This time, the Setagaya Public Theatre, in order to compare it with the Italian traditional masked comedy "Arlecchino: Having Two Masters at Once" at the Piccolo Theater in Milan, which will come to Japan in July, has been elaborated. Program.
Like "Arlecchino", "Futari Daimyo" and "Nawaro" develop with the setting of having two masters at the same time.In response to the Italian "Masked Improvisation", we will perform Kyogen "Thunder", "Shimizu", and "Bakugi Juoh" using masks.
"Kyogen" in the east, "commedia dell'arte" in the west.The Japan-Italy Comedy Contest is a unique opportunity to rediscover the universality of comedy that transcends regions and cultures.Please do not miss it.

A program
≪Kyogen with two masters at once≫
"Futari Daimyo" (Futari Daimyo)
Two feudal lords threaten a passing man with a sword and try to force him to accompany them.However, they were threatened on the contrary and their positions were reversed...A work with an unusual twist, in which two feudal lords appear.
Mansaku Nomura
Daimyo: Takano Kazunori
Daimyo: Hiroharu Fukada

"Nawasen" (Nawanai)
Taro Kaja, who was made to pay for the debt of his master who lost heavily in gambling, bends his navel and does not listen to his gambling partner.Her husband has no choice but to take her back and tie her up with a rope...
Taro crowner: Mansai Nomura
Master: Mannosuke Nomura
Something... Yukio Ishida

≪Kyōgen using masks≫
"Thunder" (Thunder)
On the way to the eastern country, Dr. Yabu suddenly hears thunder and thunder strikes.When the doctor gave acupuncture to the thunder who hit his back hard, the thunder was in pain.He finally recovers, but he doesn't have enough money for the treatment...
Lightning: Mansai Nomura
Thicket doctor: Yukio Ishida
Jiutai: Hiroharu Fukada, Kazunori Takano, Haruo Tsukizaki, Mitsuhiro Tokita, Satoshi Oka
Flute: Takayuki Isso
Kotsuzumi: Yotaro Uzawa (24th, 25th) / Kyosuke Tanabe (28th)
Drum: Hirotada Kamei

B program
≪Kyogen of a Servant Wearing a Mask≫
Taro Kaja, who was ordered to fetch water for the tea ceremony, returns home lying that he was attacked by a demon because he was troublesome.Taro Kaja puts on a mask and pretends to be a demon in order to deceive his master, who says he will go by himself.
Taro Crowned Mansaku Nomura
Master: Hiroharu Fukada

≪Kyōgen using masks≫
"Gambling Juoh"
Gambler, who was judged to fall into hell by King Enma, cleverly invites King Enma and the demons to gambling with dice.Enma the Great and the demons are watching the dice with bated breath and are passionate about the game.…and the end of the game! ?
Gambling: Mansai Nomura
Great King Enma: Yukio Ishida
Front demon: Kazunori Takano
Goki: Haruo Tsukizaki
Oni: Yuki Takeyama, Mitsuhiro Tokita
Iron Staff Demon Mannosuke Nomura
Flute: Takayuki Isso (26th, 29th), Hiroyuki Matsuda (27th)
Kotsuzumi: Yotaro Uzawa (29th), Kyosuke Tanabe (26th, 27th)
Drum: Hirotada Kamei
Taiko: Genpaku Kanze (26th and 29th), Masato Kodera (27th)

Common to A and B
― Noh Musical Orchestra ―
We will combine various Noh music elements that have been well received every time.Please fully enjoy the free time and dynamism created by breathing and shouts.
Flute: Takayuki Isso (24th, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th), Hiroyuki Matsuda (27th)
Kotsuzumi: Yotaro Uzawa (24,25,29th, 26th, 27th), Kyosuke Tanabe (28th, XNUMXth, XNUMXth)
Drum: Hirotada Kamei
Taiko: Genpaku Kanze (26th and 29th), Masato Kodera (27th)

*Performers are subject to change due to circumstances.

*From June 6th (Thursday) at the theater ticket centerSales of auxiliary seatsTo do.

Piccolo Theater in Milan "Arlecchino: Having Two Masters at Once"Performance information
Theater tour information
Announcement of the stage briefing session for the visually impaired

Performance lecture information

Performance schedule

July 2009

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
19: 00A
14:00 A
19:00 B◎
*After the performance at 6:29 on Monday, June 19th, a post-talk will be held.
Appearance: 6/29 = Mansai Nomura / Ferruccio Soleri (Performance in Piccolo, Milan "Arlecchino: Having Two Masters at Once")

* June 6th (Thursday) Post Talk (Performers: Mansai Nomura / Taeko Nagai)
* Performance time is A program: about 2 hours
 ``Futari Daimyo'' (20 minutes), ``Rope rope'' (35 minutes), 20 minutes break, ``Noh musical accompaniment'' (10 minutes), ``Thunder'' (25 minutes)
Program B: Scheduled for about 1 hour and 35 minutes
 ``Shimizu'' (25 minutes), 20 minutes break, ``Noh music'' (10 minutes), ``Bakugi Juoh'' (40 minutes)

*Same-day tickets are sold at the same-day ticket box on the right side of the Setagaya Public Theater entrance on the 60rd floor of Carrot Tower from 3 minutes before the performance.
■ = Stage briefing for the visually impaired (free, advance application required at the theater, for those who have a ticket for the performance)
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.After the performance, you may not be able to get to your original seat.Please note.


All seats specified
General S seat 7,500 yen / A seat 5,000 yen /

SA seats 7,000 yen (handled only at the theater ticket center)

High school students and younger Half price of each general fee (available only at the theater ticket center, please present something that can confirm your age (such as an insurance card).)

TSSS Half price of each general fee

Tomonokai member discount S seat 7,000 yen

Setagaya Arts Card member discount S seat 7,200 yen

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