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"Sancha de street performance"

"Sancha de street performance"
"Sancha de street performance"

The annual autumn festival will be held again this year.
For two days, Sangenjaya will become a quirky "art town" through collaboration between the city and the theater!

Details will be announced on the official website of “Sancha de Street Performance” as soon as they are decided.

Performance schedule 2023/10/21 (Sat) ~ 2023/10/22 (Sun)
Venue Around Carrot Tower
Contact Setagaya Art Town Secretariat

Cast staff

[Appearing performers]
ASIA GOLD PRO WRESTLING (22nd only)/Asterisk NOVA/Astronauts
EPPAI & Masatomoja (22nd only)/Ojiros/Okk/Mami Kano/Kenta Kawamura/K-TARO/K-point orbit/Makoto Comedian
Kosuke/Cocochi-kit (21st only)/Coconut Yamamoto/Sakunoki/Thank you Tezuka
Juggler Laby (22nd only)/SUKE3&SYU/STILTANGO/Sexy DAVINCI/Zeroco/Charan Po Lantern
Chinese Acrobatic Arts Troupe/Natsukayo/Neko☆Sogi/HARO/Funny Bones/Black Elephants
Bold Yamada (22nd only)/Kanako Matsumoto/Yuka & Giovanni Gypsy Duo/

[Sancha Street]
Candy stall Masami Kojima/Fortune telling Caroline/Fortune telling MIEL/Portrait corner

[Public walking act]
Otohime Goldfish/Company vivivivi!/Jinni the marionette Frenchie/Genius Squid Punch/Arthur the Cat/Ventiloquism Princess Odette

*For details of each performer,"Sancha de Street Performance" Official HP.
*Performers are subject to change without notice.Please note.

Timetable/venue guide map

This year's pamphlet has been completed.
Pamphlets will be distributed one after another at Carrot Tower (1st floor tourist information center, 5th and 3rd floor flyer racks, etc.), stores in shopping districts participating in the festival, and facilities in Setagaya Ward.
Please pick it up and take a look.

Please see below for the timetable and venue map.

France x Japan modern circus exchange project “Fierce 5” public rehearsal held

Prior to the next week's performance, "Sancha"deWe will be releasing rehearsal footage during the "Busking" period!


▼ Release date and time
10Month22Sun (Sun)
Group ① 15:00-15:30
Group ② 15:30-16:00
*Start of each group10XNUMX minute before the Setagaya Public Theater entrance (Carrot Tower)3Please meet on the following floor.Please line up in order of serial number.
*You may enter and leave the theater midway through, but the seating area is small and it may get dark at times, so please watch from beginning to end if possible.

▼ Venue
Setagaya Public Theatre

▼How to enter
Free admission/numbered tickets distributed
10Month22Sun (Sun)11:00From “Sancha”deNumbered tickets will be distributed at the ``Street Performances'' festival headquarters (inside the plaza venue).
each time60Name limited.Ends as soon as it runs out.
Receiving numbered tickets1by name2up to one piece.

・Please refrain from taking photos, videos, and recordings.
・ 2You will be guided to the seats on the first floor.Please be careful if you are not comfortable with heights.
・You cannot meet or chat with the performers.
・The rehearsal (creative process) will be open to the public.Please note that the content may differ from the actual content.

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As a project related to Setagaya Art Town 2023, this year, in cooperation with the Ricoh Social Contribution Club FreeWill, the "Inclusive Street Performance Project" aims to create a street performance festival and theater performance that anyone can enjoy as a performer or a spectator without borders. ' stood up.

We look forward to your participation.


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Part XNUMX: Inclusive Seminar & Social Circus Workshop

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Organized by

Setagaya Art Town 2023 Executive Committee / Setagaya Cultural Foundation / Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center


Heaven Artist Executive Committee


Setagaya Ward/Setagaya Ward Shopping District Federation/Setagaya Ward Shopping District Promotion Association Federation


Setagaya Art Town Secretariat

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