There is neither beginning nor ending
Time and Space. This world, an endless void.
Life repeats itself over and over, a journey with no end.
When did history begin? When will our stories end?
The journey, the world, the story. With no end.


In 2009, playwright and director Tomohiro Maekawa, founder of the Tokyo-based Ikiume theatre company, began his popular series Kikkai (Mysterious), co-creations with the Setagaya Public Theatre.

For the first work in the series, Maekawa adapted five of the titles in the 1904 book Kwaidan by the great Japan-resident Greek-Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn — a.k.a. Koizumi Yakumo — which features a compilation of some 17 short kaidan (ghost stories). Maekawa adapted these stories into theatre through the use of folklore storytelling techniques, creating Kikkai: stories heard from Koizumi Yakumo,(2009).
Two years later, in 2011, Maekawa conceived the second installment of the series Kikkai the 2nd: Modern Noh Plays VI, in which he drew on the traditional Japanese performing arts of Noh and Kyogen to present a mysterious work blending the realms of reality and dreams.
In 2016, as the third work in his series with SePT, Maekawa staged Kikkai the 3rd: Tono Monogatari. Based on the 1910 book Tono Monogatari, by scholar Kunio Yanagida. The piece drew on many of the legends and local people’s customs compiled by Yanagida, especially from the Tono area of Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Honshu.

This time,  Maekawa has created a science-fiction play based on the ancient Greek epic poem, Odyssey. Believed to date from the 8th century B.C., and one of the oldest known piece of Western literature.
Set in a mythical age in which the furies of nature and unseen forces ruled a world of mysteries, the fate of humans’ lives was left to divine oracles to foresee and foretell.

In the  Odyssey, where history and myth exist together, the humans and gods, the divine and the devilish, share one world. Maekawa’s modern new work, Owari no Nai (No Ending), shares this world setting, despite all the science.

The focus of Odyssey is on the Greek historical hero Odysseus, king of Ithaca, and his 10-year journey back home after his triumph in the Trojan War.
Despite great difficulties and manybattles with monstrous creatures — sometimes with the help of the gods and sometimes almost falling victim to their wrath — he eventually succeeds in his odyssey and returns to his home and wife, Penelope.

In this work, Owari no Nai, Maekawa crafts a majestic story that weaves together our personal inquiries of the journey of our existence with those of mankind itself. Journeys between the ancient and future, daily life and the mysteries of the universe, and the encounters within.

At SePT, this new work’s debut staging features the rising actors Yuki Yamamoto and Nao making their first appearance in a Maekawa play, along with two of his regulars, Hazuki Shimizu and Nozomi Muraoka, and all the members of his theatre company Ikiume: Junpei Yasui, Shinya Hamada, Ryuji Mori, Soh Morishita and Hitoe Ohkubo. And it goes without saying that Toru Nakamura, essential as he is to the whole of Kikkai series, also joins the team.

So, as you take your seat for this Sci-Fi mystery play looking at human beings through lenses of ancient history, myth and the universe, you can be sure a truly novel and memorable theatre experience awaits at SePT.


Cast & Creative

Written and Directed by Tomohiro Maekawa
Based on Odysseia by Homer
Supervised by Mansai Nomura

Cast: Yuki Yamada, Jumpei Yasui, Shinya Hamada, Mori Ryuji, So Morishita, Hitoe Ohkubo, Nao,Hazuki Shimizu, Nozomi Muraoka/Toru Nakamura




Tomohiro Maekawa



Yuki Yamada


Jumpei Yasuda


Shinya Hamada


盛 隆二

Ryuji Mori


So Morishita


Hitoe Ohkubo





Hazuki Shimizu


Nozomi Muraoka



Toru Nakamura



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