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Cast & Creative


Written by Friedrich Schiller
Script by Stephen Spender
Translated by Tetsuo Anzai
Directed by Shintaro Mori

Cast: Kyoko Hasegawa, Sylvia Grab, Ryosuke Miura, Eisaku Yoshida/
Akira Yamamoto, Tatsumi Aoyama, Izumi Aoyama, Daisuke Kuroda, Tomoya Hoshi,
Jyudai Ikeshita, Ryu Tominaga, Leo Bartner, Takano Suzuki, Ayaka Kanematsu/
Machiko Washio, Hajime Yamazaki, Takashi Fujiki


『お勢、断行』メインビジュアル 並び






『お勢、断行』メインビジュアル 並び







『お勢、断行』メインビジュアル 並び


◎= Post-performance talk will be held.※Holders of tickets for the performance may attend.
■ = Stage Explanation for People with Visual Disabilities
Advance application required. Free. Before the 13:00 performance on Sun 9 February, we will explain aspects that are difficult to understand without seeing them, such as stage settings and costumes. People with a ticket for this performance may attend.

Audience Support


Voice Support for the Hearing Impaired (Advance Application Required/Free of Charge)

Earphones are available at the theatre lobby for lending out free of charge to hearing impaired audience members. To borrow an earphone, after purchasing your ticket, please apply to the theatre no later than three days before the performance in question.

Applications and inquiries: Tel. 03-5432-1526/Fax. 03-5432-1559/Email. support@setagaya-pt.jp


Childcare Service
A childcare service is normally available for performances staged at Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram for which advance tickets are sold.

Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1526 Setagaya Public Theatre
You may reserve childcare services up to noon of the day 3 days before the desired reservation time, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha


Wheelchair Spaces

Both Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram are equipped with wheelchair spaces to allow visitors to watch performances from their wheelchairs. However, as capacity is limited, use of wheelchair spaces is by reservation only.

Charge: 10% discount on the corresponding area ticket charge (plus up to one attendant free of charge)
Applications: Tel. 03-5432-1515 Theatre Ticket Centre
Wheelchair spaces may be reserved up to 19:00 on the day before the desired date, but when the number of reservations reaches capacity, applications will be closed. So please make your reservation well in advance. Also, for wheelchair users who prefer to watch the performance from a regular seat, the theatre will smoothly guide them too and from their seat. Please contact the theatre in advance to take advantage of this service.
Audience Support