Mansai Nomura will retire from his position as the Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theatre (SePT) at the end of March 2022. After Mansai began his tenure as Artistic Director, he created the MANSAI: Kaitai-Shinsho series. Now this special project produced directly by Mansai in his capacity as the Artistic Director is coming to a close, and SePT is proud to present the finale of MANSAI: Kaitai-Shinsho!

The name Kaitai-Shinsho comes from a Japanese medical text from the 18th century. In the MANSAI: Kaitai-Shinsho series, Mansai has conducted a thorough inquiry into the anatomy of the world of modern performance, breaking down its various fields and elements into their component parts in order to reconsider their origins and foundations.

Host Mansai Nomura and guests from a wide range of fields have drawn on their artistic backgrounds to establish what makes their own art form unique, while also exploring something shared by and indispensable to all artists—the essence of creative expression. This project has nurtured the creative process at SePT. Not only that, countless audience members have said that it has enabled them to better understand and appreciate art.

The title of this series finale is “The MANSAI Manifesto.” Don’t miss your chance to hear Mansai Nomura’s parting message after serving as the Artistic Director of SePT for 20 years!

Cast & Creative

Planned by  Mansai Nomura
Cast: Mansai Nomura and others