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@Home Touring Theatre is a project by the Setagaya Public Theatre, that aims to provide those who have difficulty accessing the theatre with the opportunity to enjoy live theatre.


As a traveling theatre branch of the SePT, @Home Touring Theatre takes specially created works to nursing homes and other facilities for senior and differently-abled citizens, transforming the public areas of those facilities such as lounges and dining rooms, into performance spaces.

@Home Touring Theatre, is a project that playwright and director Seiji Nozoe and the performing actors look forward to each year. They gather their talents to bring delight and entertainment to audiences across the Setagaya district.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of @Home Touring Theatre. Some venues have welcomed the program every year. Some facilities invite neighbors to join the residents in enjoying the play. In all of these facilities, care-workers who organize the performance are an enormous support to the SePT, and the project has helped build strong relationships within the community over the years.

This year, @Home Touring Theatre will visit 16 venues — including care homes for the elderly, day-care centers and support centers for differently-abled members of our community — with a new play titled “Cha Cha Cha-no- Charlie: A Special 10th Anniversary Program ~ The Secret of Charlie’s Birth.”


Charlie is a marionette-style character who has been in all nine previous @Home Touring Theatre productions. Despite being a “puppet”, he moves and talks as he pleases, and has won over the love of audiences with his warm-hearted character and generosity. Wonderfully portrayed by pantomimist Koyo Yamamoto, Charlie’s adventures of doing good deeds, fighting monsters, and sometimes even falling in love have made him fan-favorite. Now, at last, the secret of his birth will be revealed in this exciting new piece.

SePT will be uploading photos and videos of this production, in addition to those from previous works on our @Home Touring Theatre Facebook page. Click here to access the archives.



Comments by staff at nursing homes and other facilities on @Home Touring Theatre’s 2018 performance of “Cha Cha Cha-no-Charlie: Good-bye to Tears.”


***  I was so impressed by the performers’ brilliant acting. I think the old residents seemed very delighted when they saw the play.

***  I saw some of the home’s residents in the audience singing together, and they normally don’t sing.

***  Some in the audience were crying with laughter.

***  It was a new experience for some of our residents. They had been really excited, and looking forward to the event for a long time.

***  It was great to have the opportunity to see live theatre. The live performance’s ambience and impact were very exciting for the residents.

***  I think the audience really enjoyed it. They were all singing and clapping together.

***  One audience member told me that they got a whole year’s pleasure from the performance.

***  I was especially impressed to see that a particular old person who sleeps quite often, had their eyes widely open and was very concentrated on the stage.

***  I was surprised when a resident who is normally very quiet raised their hand to make a statement after the performance.


Cast & Creative

Written & directed by
Seiji Nozoe

Koyo Yamamoto    Ikuko Taniguchi    Hideki Takahashi  Seiji Nozoe

Kei Tanaka

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