Setagaya Public Theatre (SePT) is proud to present a dynamic collaboration between director Tamiya Kuriyama and the brilliant up-and-coming playwright Misaki Setoyama!

Diverse and talented casts bring two eras to life onstage in a play that explores themes of truth and justice, both in the present day and also in the tumultuous time of the 1960s ANPO protests.


Tamiya Kuriyama is one of the most significant directors in the world of modern Japanese theatre. Misaki Setoyama is an up-and-coming playwright known for her brilliant and prolific work in recent years. Now, SePT is proud to present a new work created by a dynamic collaboration between these two artists.

Director Kuriyama has assembled brilliant casts for this performance. The title role is played by Koji Seto, known for his recent breakthrough performances on both stage and screen. Haruka Kinoshita, known for her work in musicals, will be appearing in her first ever role in a straight play. Rising star Keisuke Watanabe will appear in his first stage performance, following numerous impressive performances on the screen in recent years. The play also features Koen Kondo, a talented working actor known for his performances on both stage and screen.

In addition, A group of amazing actors concludes the cast. This includes: Masakazu Akino, who has recently performed in a string of high-profile theatre works; Ryoko Gi, who is a brilliant voice actress in addition to her performances in theatre and television; Kazutoyo Yoshimi, known for his wide range of performances on stage and screen; and Akira Otaka, a veteran stage actor who has long been integral to Kuriyama’s work as a director.

After its premiere at Setagaya Public Theatre, this performance will go on a tour of Fukoka Civic Hall, Kariya Cultural Center Iris, and the Hyogo Performing Arts Center. This play explores issues and themes from the 1960s ANPO protests in order to pass on a message to those of us living in modern Japanese society. Don’t miss it!

Plot Summary

The sound of raindrops fills the air.
It is June 16, 1960. A group of people carrying black umbrellas gathers in silence. They begin a slow march toward the National Diet Building.

It is 2021. Ichiya, a newspaper reporter, has run into a dead end at work. Since joining the company, he has been reporting on victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. However, after a transfer to a new department, he will no longer be able to do so. Then, Ichiya learns that his departed grandfather Goro was also once a newspaper reporter. Goro quit working as a reporter in 1960, the year of the largest ANPO protests.

It is 1960. Goro is interviewing students participating in the ANPO protests. As the conflict between protestors and law enforcement escalates, a young woman loses her life. Goro, alongside a group of student protestors, attempts to discover the truth behind her death. However, at the same time, the management of the newspaper where Goro works is preparing to publish a joint editorial that aims to deescalate the tumultuous protests.

Ichiya attempts to retrace Goro’s footsteps. What does it mean to be a reporter? Who is the real silent majority? After the passage of 60 years, it seems as if this grandson is about to find himself in the same position as his grandfather.


Cast & Creative

Written by Misaki Setoyama
Directed by Tamiya Kuriyama
Koji Seto, Haruka Kinoshita, Keisuke Watanabe, Koen Kondo
Masakazu Akino, Ryoko Gi / Kazutoyo Yoshimi, Akira Otaka

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