「狂言劇場 その九」メインビジュアル(撮影:マチェイ・クーチャ)横s

Photo by Maciej Kucia

Artistic Director Mansai Nomura began Setagaya Public Theatre(SePT)’s Kyogen Theatre series in 2004. The concept for this series is to present a new type of kyogen (traditional comic theatre) that goes beyond the boundaries of classical theatre, reimagining kyogen as performing arts.

This series has demonstrated the multifaceted appeal of kyogen in many ways. It has included both presentations of numerous kyogen classics on a special noh theatre stage custom built for SePT and also performances of new works, such as the original dance performance MANSAI Bolero.

Each performance in the Kyogen Theatre series has gained critical acclaim for highly original set design and innovative direction that could only take place in a theatre space like SePT.


Three generations of kyogen performers present this installment in the Kyogen Theatre series
Featuring Mansaku Nomura, Mansai Nomura, and Yuki Nomura
Roles are passed down from one generation to the next for the first time in a new production of Horazamurai—From Mansaku to Mansai, and from Mansai to Yuki
author Natsuki Ikezawa presents Ayu, a new work where literature meets kyogen

In this installment of the Kyogen Theatre series, the classical kyogen pieces Buaku and Funawatashimuko are being staged for the series for the first time. Additionally, the series presents performances of two modern kyogen pieces, Horazamurai and Ayu. These modern pieces are making their long-awaited debut at SePT with all-new casts and direction.

In this production of Horazamurai, for the very first time Mansai Nomura plays the role of Horata Suke’emon, which was long performed by his father Mansaku Nomura. Additionally, Yuuki Nomura plays the role of Taro Kaja, which was long performed by his father Mansai Nomura for the very first time.

Also, don’t miss your chance to see the performance of author Natsuki Ikezawa’s new kyogen work Ayu that based on his short stories, a piece where literature meets kyogen.


▼Statement from Mansai Nomura (Series Director, Performer)


Kyogen is a traditional art form with over 650 years of history. The Kyogen Theatre series is a project that reimagines kyogen as a performing art that anyone can enjoy.

The central works of this installment of the series are two pieces of modern kyogen, Horazamurai and Ayu. Both of these kyogen pieces are adaptations of existing works. It’s exciting to see how these existing works transform to become kyogen theatre.

These are performances that express what is uniquely entertaining about kyogen as an art form. I hope that everyone who sees them comes away thinking, “Compared to regular theatre, kyogen is wild!” And I also hope that these performances make our audience realize just how much kyogen truly is both a unique form of theatre and performing arts.

Kyogen is a performing art that has been passed down through the ages in Japan. It is a font of wisdom that has been continually revised and updated over the years, creating a unique artform that has similarities to and differences from other performing arts.

I hope this series will be an ispiring event.


Program A
Kyogen Performances: Buaku and Horazamurai


Buaku: Mansaku Nomura
Feudal Lord: Yukio Ishida Taro Kaja: Taichiro Nomura

A feudal lord is raging mad at his disloyal servant Buaku, and he orders Taro Kaja to kill Buaku. Unable to refuse the order, Taro Kaja attempts to trick Buaku and kill him with a surprise assault. However, at the very last moment, Taro Kaja is unable to bring himself to go through with it, and he advises Buaku to run away. Taro Kaja then lies to his lord, telling him that he did kill Buaku in a surprise attack. The lord decides to travel to to Higashiyama to offer a memorial prayer for Buaku. However, when he arrives, he runs smack dab into Buaku himself, who is there to offer a prayer of gratitude…                     
 [Photo by Shinji Masakawa]


s-万作を観る会「法螺侍」2018年撮影:政川慎治 (5)Horazamurai
Based on The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare
Written by: Yasunari Takahashi
Direction: Mansaku Nomura

Horata Suke’emon: Mansai Nomura
Taro Kaja: Yuki Nomura Jiro Kaja: Shuichi Nakamura
Omatsu: Kazunori Takano Otake: Ren Naito
                                                       Yakibe: Hiroharu Fukata

                          Taiko: Hitoshi Sakurai (6/18, 6/20, 6/27)
                                                                 / Kiyoshi Yoshitani (6/26)
                                                       Flute: Yukihiro Isso

Horata Suke’emon is a braggart who loves women and booze. After being dismissed from serving the shogunate for being a slovenly mess, he spends his days getting drunk. But, soon enough, he depletes both his supply of booze and the money that he needs to buy more booze. Hoping to trick two wealthy women into giving him money, Suke’emon orders his servants Taro Kaja and Jiro Kaja to deliver the same love letter to both women. However, Taro Kajo and Jiro Kaja are fed up with their master’s constant selfish behavior, and they devise a plan to teach him a lesson. In this new staging for the Kyogen Theatre series, Mansai Nomura plays that role of Horata Suke’emon that his father Mansaku had previously performed, and Yuki Nomura plays the role of Taro Kajo that his father Mansai had previously performed.

[Photo by Shinji Masakawa]

Program B
Kyogen Performances: Funawatashimuko and Ayu

Funawatashimuko s-武悪059
Boatman/Father-in-law: Mansaku Nomura
Son-in-law: Yuki Nomura
Mother-in-law:  Taichiro Nomura (6/19) / Satoshi Oka (6/25) / Tanro Ishida (6/26)

A bridegroom is traveling to greet his new in-laws for the very first time. However, on the way there, a boatman who loves alcohol forces the bridegroom to let him drink the cask of sake that the bridegroom was planning to give his new in-laws as a gift. This leaves the bridegroom with no choice but to visit his in-laws with nothing but a cask that is much lighter than he had hoped. Then, when the father-in-law finally returns home, it shockingly turns out that the bridegroom’s father-in-law was the very boatman who drank the cask of sake! Taking his wife’s advice, the father-in-law shaves his beard and tries to hide his face as he meets his new son-in-law, however…                                    
[Photo by Shinji Masakawa]



s-国立能楽堂「鮎」 (2)Ayu
Written by: Natsuki Ikezawa
Direction and Adaptation: Mansai Nomura
Commissioned by the National Noh Theatre

Kokichi: Mansai Nomura Saisuke: Yukio Ishida
O-ayu: Hiroharu Fukata Ko-ayu: Haruo Tsukizaki, Kazunori Takano, Shuichi Nakamura, Ren Naito, Go Iida,
                                                       and others
                          Flute: Makoto Ono (6/19)
                                                                 / Manabu Takeichi (6/25,6/26)
                                                       Kotsuzumi: Genjiro Okura (6/19, 6/25)
                                                                 / Yoko Oyama (6/26)

Saisuke spends his days catching ayu (sweetfish) from a clear stream. One day, as Saisuke is about to go fishing, Kokichi suddenly appears, trying to take refuge in Saisuke’s house after getting into a fight. Saisuke is able to discern someone’s character and future by looking at their face, and he tries to get Kokichi to change his ways. However, Kokichi will not listen to Saisuke. Saisuke helps Kokichi gets a job heating up the baths at a major inn, and then Kokichi achieves success in the world by learning to read the room and do whatever his superiors want, even if they don’t explicitly ask for it. Eventually, Kokichi even becomes the head of the inn. And then, one day, Saisuke appears with a certain request for the now successful Kokichi…
[Photo by Shinji Masakawa]

Cast & Creative

Series Director: Mansai Nomura
Mansaku Nomura, Mansai Nomura, Yuki Nomura
Yukio Ishida
Hiroharu Fukata, Kazunori Takano, Haruo Tsukizaki, Taichiro Nomura
Satoshi Oka, Syuichi Nakamura, Ren Naito, Go Iida, Tanro Ishida


How to borrow a tablet that displays subtitles

How to borrow a tablet that displays subtitles in multiple languages; Japanese for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and English / Chinese for non-Japanese speakers.


SePT will loan tablets with multilingual subtitles;
a) Japanese subtitles for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and b) English / c) Chinese subtitles for non-Japanese speakers.
Tablets can be collected at the theatre lobby on the day of the performance.


Dates: Fri, 25 June at 19:00 for Program B performances of Funawatashimuko and Ayu
     Sat, 26 June at 17:00 for Program B performances of Funawatashimuko and Ayu

Location: Setagaya Public Theatre
     3rd Floor, Carrot Tower
     4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
     Directly connected with Sangenjaya Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line or the Setagaya Line

Cost: Free of charge

Eligibility: Available to individuals with a ticket for the performance in question

How to apply: After purchasing a ticket for the performance, fill out the online application form below OR apply by phone (03-5432-1526), fax (03-5432-1559), or e-mail (support@setagaya-pt.jp).
To apply by e-mail or fax, please include your name, e-mail address, phone number, fax number (if applicable), age, desired number of subtitle tablets, and desired subtitle language (Japanese, English or Chinese).
Please also indicate whether or not you are deaf or hard of hearing and whether or not will be accompanied by an assistance dog (service dog).

Contact Information: Setagaya Public Theatre
 Phone: 03-5432-1526  Fax:03-5432-1559  e-mail:support@setagaya-pt.jp


Click here for the online subtitle tablet application form






时间: 6月25日(周五)19:00 B项目《舟渡聟》、《鲇》
     6月26日(周六)17:00 B项目《舟渡聟》、《鲇》

会场: 世田谷公众剧院
    东京都世田谷区太子堂4-1-1 Carrot Tower3楼

费用: 免费

对象: 仅面向于持有开幕场次对应的票券者

申请方法: 购入票券后,请填写以下申请表,或通过电话03-5432-1526,传真03-5432-1559,以及

咨询处: 世田谷公众剧院
电话03-5432-1526 传真03-5432-1559 邮箱support@setagaya-pt.jp




Program A: ‘Buaku’ and ‘Horazamurai’
Program B: ‘Funawatashimuko’ and ‘Ayu’

△=Cameras will be installed in the audience area for recording purposes.


◇Subtitle tablet loans: Tablet that displays subtitles in multiple languages; Japanese for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and English / Chinese for non-Japanese speakers.
Reservations required / Free of charge for individuals with a ticket to the performance in question
Available for the performances of Program B on Fri,25 June  at 19:00 and Sat,26 June at 17:00
Click here for the online subtitle tablet application form

◇字幕平板租赁服务 : 英语、汉语字幕,及面向听障人士的日语字幕。 (需事先申请/免费/仅面向持有开幕场次对应票券者)
开幕时间:6月25日(周五)19:00 B项目 / 6月26日(周六)17:00 B项目







                                       Chinese translation will also be displayed on the day
                                                    Subtitle service “noh-sup”/Hinoki Shoten Co., Ltd.



■Audio description services for individuals who are blind or who have low vision
Reservations required / Free of charge for individuals with a ticket to the performance in question
Available on Sat,June 26th at 12:00 performance of Program A


●Audio support for the hard of hearing
Reservations required / Free of charge for individuals with a ticket to the performance in question
Available for Program A performances on Fri,June 18th at 19:00 and Sun,June 20th at 17:00 and Sun,June 27th at 14:00
Available for the Program B performance on Sat,June 19th at 14:00

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at support@setagaya-pt.jp


Audience Support

Childcare Service

A childcare service is normally available for performances for which advance tickets are sold.
However, as capacity is limited, use of childcare service is by reservation only.

Charge: ¥2,200 per child
Eligibility: Children aged over 6 months and up to 9 years of age
Applications: Setagaya Public Theatre
Tel. 03-5432-1526
Subcontractor: Kids’ Room Tinker bell Sancha

You may reserve childcare services up to noon of the day 3 days before the desired reservation time, but when the number of children registered reaches capacity, applications will closed.
So please make your reservation well in advance.
Also, please consult with the theatre regarding children with special needs.

Wheelchair Spaces

Both Setagaya Public Theatre and Theatre Tram are equipped with wheelchair spaces to allow visitors to watch performances from their wheelchairs. However, as capacity is limited, use of wheelchair spaces is by reservation only. So please make your reservation well in advance.

Charge: 10% discount on the corresponding area ticket charge (plus up to one attendant free of charge)
Applications: Theatre Ticket Centre
Tel. 03-5432-1515

Please check here for audience support and barrier-free services provided by our theater.