June 2023, 6 Performance-relatedImportant theater Invalidation of tickets confirmed for resale of musical play "A Certain Horse Story" (June 6)

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAct on Ensuring Appropriate Distribution of Event Tickets by Prohibiting Unauthorized Resale of Specified Event Tickets' was enforced.At this theater, we will take the following measures for tickets that have been confirmed to be resold based on the same law and the membership agreement and terms of use for all membership systems of Setagaya Public Theater.
"Performance sponsored by Setagaya Public Theater Prohibition of resale"

Therefore, the tickets listed below have been confirmed to have been resold, so the tickets will be invalid and you will be refused entry.Please note.


October 6rd (Sun) 25:13
1st floor NColumn7Turn
1st floor N row 8Turn


In addition, customers with tickets that are suspected of being resold may be asked to present proof of purchase by the person at the time of admission, and to verify their identity by ID card, etc.
Please note that the theater is not responsible for any troubles between customers due to reselling and purchasing of resold tickets.


About the official ticket resale “Tiketore”
For the music drama "A Horse's Story", if the purchaser himself/herself is unable to attend, we will deal with the official ticket trade resale "Ticketre".Please note that resale other than official resale is not permitted.
Customers who wish to purchase ticketsticket train Please check from
Inquiries about ticketsplease use this form.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that everyone can purchase tickets fairly.


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