2024/5/21 Important Performances sponsored by Setagaya Public Theater Prohibition of resale (updated November 5)

Recently, we have seen many attempts to resell tickets for performances sponsored by Setagaya Public Theater on resale/auction sites and X, etc. We have also confirmed cases of resale at prices significantly higher than the list price, exorbitant handling charges, and resale immediately after purchase that is clearly intended for resale.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAct on Ensuring Appropriate Distribution of Event Tickets by Prohibiting Unauthorized Resale of Specified Event Tickets' was enforced.At this theater, we will take the following measures for tickets that have been confirmed to be resold based on the same law and the membership agreement and terms of use for all membership systems of Setagaya Public Theater.


[Regarding invalidation of tickets confirmed for resale]
For sponsored performances such as ``On the Sands of Summer,'' ``The Architect and the Assyrian Emperor,'' and the musical drama ``The Story of a Horse,'' customers with resold tickets will not be allowed to enter using those tickets.
We will continue to invalidate reservations for tickets that have been confirmed to be resold without prior notice.
In addition, customers who have tickets that are suspected of being resold may be asked to present proof of purchase at the time of admission, and to confirm their identity by ID card, etc.


[Regarding members whose resale has been confirmed]
If it is confirmed that the ticket purchased as a member of the "Setagaya Public Theater Tomo no Kai" has been resold, it will be subject to Article 7, Paragraph 2 of the Membership Agreement, and in the case of a "Setagaya Arts Card" member, Articles 5 and 11 of the Membership Agreement. will cancel the forced withdrawal and reservation ticket.
*According to the above terms and conditions, we have exercised the withdrawal and cancellation of tickets for multiple members whose resale has been confirmed at sponsored performances such as "Fur Venus", "Address Mistake", and "Natsu no Suna no Ue".


About the official ticket resale “Tiketore”
For ``Medicine'', ``Feast/SYMPOSION'', and ``Setagaya Natsu Irakugo'', if the purchaser is unable to come to the venue in person, we will use the official ticket trade resale service ``Ticketore''.
If you would like to list or purchase tickets, please contact  Please check from

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Resale of tickets and purchase of such tickets for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
In the future, we will refuse to purchase or enter the venue if we confirm any of the above acts or tickets.
In addition, the theater will not be held responsible for any troubles between customers due to resale or purchase of resale tickets.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that everyone can purchase tickets fairly.

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