2023/2/4 Performance-related Dance Room. Onaya Rion was selected for Theater Tram Next Generation vol.15 -Physical-

"Theater Tram Next Generation" started in 2008 to discover and nurture young talent.
Groups and individuals selected through open recruitment will be provided with the opportunity to perform at the Theater Tram with the support of the Setagaya Public Theater.
From the milestone vol.15, we have decided to divide the genre into "theater" and "physical" and to recruit every other year.

We are pleased to announce that the artists for the first renewal of "Physical" have been decided.


Theater Tram Next Generation vol.15 -Physical-
Rion Onaya (room. Onaya Rion)

(c) Yoji Tanaka

Rion Onaya (room. Onaya Rion) Profile

Born in Shinjuku in 1998 and raised in Gunma Prefecture. She began attending ballet classes at the end of her third year, learning classical ballet from Noriko Seyama.She learned about Pina Bausch and was shocked by her when she was in elementary school.At the same studio, she learned the basics of modern dance techniques and creation through workshops and performances by Fabien Prioville, Atsusaki Seyama and others.After experiencing various genres of dance such as jazz dance and character dance, she enrolled in the dance education course at Ochanomizu University.During her time at the university, she focused on Pina Bausch as an artist researcher, while participating in the works of various choreographers such as Takeshi Nomi, Hiroaki Umeda, and Saori Hara.She is currently a dancer and she belongs to the Tarinof dance company.

He started creating his own works while still in school, and won the Best New Choreographer Award at the 2021 Yokohama Dance Collection.She has continued her creative activities since then.Through the creation of her works, she seeks to share certain ambiguous areas, such as the list of words before they have meaning, and the state of the body before the choreography is born.

[Main past works]

・"I'm not a liar." (Yokohama Nigiwaiza Noge Petri dish, February 2021, 2, Yokohama Dance Collection 4 Competition II)
・"Epicenter" (Yokohama Nigiwaiza Noge Petri dish, December 2021, 12, Yokohama Dance Collection 18 -DEC Dance Connection)


The performance is scheduled for December 2023.
Performance details will be announced on the theater website.Please stay tuned.


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