2023/2/20 Performance-related dance (overseas) Inbal Pinto's "Living Room" will be performed in May!The latest dance work by Israeli choreographer Inbal Pinto, who has captivated audiences around the world, will be performed for the first time in Japan.

(c) Edouard Serra

Inbal Pinto returns with latest work
Performing in Japan at the Setagaya Public Theater for the first time in 10 years!

A choreographer and director active all over the world based in IsraelInbal Pintowill return to the Setagaya Public Theater with his latest work.
The theater has staged "Oyster" and "Boobies" in 2005, and "Bombix Mori with Rush" and "Gold Fish" (both co-written with Absalom Pollak) in 2012. I was.In addition to dance, he has worked on video, stage art, and costume design, and has collaborated with many Japanese artists.
For the first time in 10 years, the Setagaya Public Theatre, Inbal Pinto will perform a duo work that has been a gem for many years.


The latest work "Living Room" born in a pandemic
A special stage that will fascinate you with a light and delicate dance like a feather will begin.

The Living Room is Inbal Pinto's latest work created during the pandemic.Surrounded by original wallpaper designed by Inbal Pinto himself, the stage is somewhat nostalgic, but at the same time, it feels like the near future.
The performers are dancers who have been creating together for many years.Moran Muller, a dancer and choreographer who has been active in Europe in recent years, appearing in Pinto's maiden work.Itamar Serussi.
cellist and singerMaya Belsizmanprovides original music.
A special stage unique to Inbal Pinto will begin, fascinated by dance that is as light and delicate as a feather.


Inbal Pinto "Living Room"

[Schedule] May 2023 (Fri)-5 (Sun), 19
[Venue] Setagaya Public Theater

[Choreography, costumes, stage design] Inbal Pinto
[Original Music] Maya Belsizman
Cast: Moran Muller, Itamar Serussi

[Organizer] Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Planning and Production] Setagaya Public Theater
[Support] Embassy of Israel, Setagaya Ward


【Ticket release】
Tomonokai member precedence 3/12 (Sun)
Arts card member precedence 3/18 (Sat)
General sale 3/19 (Sun)

[Contact Us]
Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre
03-5432-1515 (10: 00 ~ 19: 00)


Inbal Pinto "Living Room" performance page Click here for more information.

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