2023/2/21 Performance-related musical Amuse x Setagaya Public Theater Musical "Colorful" will be performed from July to August!Fuku Suzuki and Jiei Kawahira have decided to appear

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Based on the best-selling novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Eto Mori, which has sold over 120 million copies.
A new musical "Colorful" that both children and adults can enjoy

At the Setagaya Public Theater, from July to August 2023, Naoki Prize-winning writers andEto MoriBased on the best-selling novel "Colorful" (winning the 120th Sankei Children's Publishing Culture Award), which has sold over 46 million copies, a new musical "Colorful" jointly produced by Amuse Co., Ltd. and Setagaya Public Theater will be performed.

The novel "Colorful" has become a hot topic each time it has been adapted into anime or live-action, and continues to gain fans, and is still a monumental work of children's literature that is loved by many generations more than 20 years after its publication.
While the theme is family and school, which are familiar to many readers, the story develops in a novel and unexpected setting. This story will attract not only junior and senior high school students of the same generation as the main character, but also adults who were once junior high school students.


Kaoru Kobayashi, who has worked on numerous musicals, will make her first appearance at the Setagaya Public Theater.

This will be the first appearance at the Setagaya Public Theater where the scriptwriter, lyricist, and director will be in charge of the production.Covayashi incenseis. While directing numerous overseas musicals such as "Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812", "Modern Millie", and "MEAN GIRLS", he has also directed "Indigo Tomato" and "The Parlor" He is an up-and-coming playwright and director who is also good at creating original musicals.
In making "Colorful" into a musical, Kobayashi reinterpreted the main character's guide, Plapla, who appears as a so-called "angel" in the original work, as a "plapla, an entity that changes his appearance and watches over the truth." We will create a new "colorful" unique to musicals that include plenty of songs and dances that adults can enjoy.
He composes and arranges not only musicals, but also works in a wide variety of genres such as TV, movies, animation, commercials, radio, and ceremonies.Keiko Osakiwill take care of it.Osaki, who has teamed up with Kobayashi on numerous works, will color this work with beautiful songs full of transparency.


Fuku Suzuki and Jiei Kawahira, pay attention to the co-starring of actors with various talents
The magic of a musical that “turns a monochrome world into a colorful one” for all generations

Playing the role of the main character <Boku> has demonstrated a rare talent since childhood, and in recent years has been active in various fields such as radio and narration as well as video works.Suzuki Fuku.Suzuki, who is still remembered for his appearance in the stage play "Kitta Kore wa Rehearsal," plays a life-size boy who grows up facing the troubles and conflicts of adolescence.
Playing the role of Purapura, a guide who guides the protagonist through various appearances, is "Singing in the Rain" (4th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Actor) and "Big Fish" (45th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award). A well-known entertainer who has appeared in numerous famous stages including musicals such asJay Kabira.

The main character <I>, who died after committing a big mistake, is led by a guide, PlaPla, to live again by possessing the body of "a certain junior high school student" who tried to commit suicide. While facing various problems surrounding "him", he grows up by facing many troubles and conflicts such as distrust of adults unique to adolescence, loneliness, love, family, and anxiety about the future. .Everyone, not just children, sympathizes with the appearance of the main character, and finds hope for tomorrow in the final scene that eventually arrives.
With Fuku Suzuki and Jiei Kawahira co-starring actors with diverse talents and Kaori Kobayashi's charming production, the "magic" of the musical "turning the monochromatic world colorful" will be presented to all generations living today. will be delivered to you.



"Congratulations! You won the lottery!"
The soul of <boku> (Fuku Suzuki), who should have died, is led by a guide, Plapla (Jihide Kawahira), to re-challenge life as Makoto Kobayashi, who attempted suicide.As he interacts with his family and classmates, the monochrome image of the world gradually changes to a colorful one, and the sins of <I> during my lifetime become clear...


Setagaya Children's Project 2023
AMUSE x Setagaya Public Theatre
Musical "Colorful"

[Original] Eto Mori “Colorful” (Bunshun Bunko)
[Screenplay/Lyrics/Direction] Caori Covayashi
[Composition/Arrangement] Keiko Osaki
[Appearance] Fuku Suzuki / Jiei Kawahira and others

[Schedule] July-August 2023
[Venue] Setagaya Public Theater
* Tour performances at Hyogo Prefectural Arts Center Hankyu Middle Hall, Ibaraki Mito Art Tower ACM Theater, Aichi Kasugai Civic Center

[Organizer] Amuse Co., Ltd. Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Planning and production] Amuse Co., Ltd. x Setagaya Public Theater
[Sponsor] Setagaya Ward


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* Performance details will be announced on the Setagaya Public Theater website as soon as they are decided.

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