2023/2/24 news "Setagaya Public Theater 2023 Lineup Presentation" was held

From left to right: Akira Shirai, Kaoru Kobayashi, Tomohiro Maekawa, Rion Meya, Takuya Yokoyama, Misaki Setoyama, Shintaro Mori (titles omitted) Photo by Yosuke Ohno

Today, February 2th (Friday), the “Setagaya Public Theater 24 Lineup Presentation” was held.

From the sponsoring project, the script, lyrics and direction of the musical "Colorful" that will be performed from July to AugustCovayashi incensesan, the writer and director of the "New Performance" to be performed in NovemberTomohiro Maekawawas selected for the December performance "Theater Tram Next Generation vol.12 -Physical-"Rion Onaya san, February-March 2024 production of the play "Caries (provisional)"Yokoyama Takuyasan, directingMisaki SetoyamaMedea/Iason directed in MarchShintaro Moriand Artistic Director of Setagaya Public TheaterAkira Shiraitook the podium.

In 2023, we will continue to send out a variety of programs.Please look forward to it!


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