2023/3/16 -News Talk KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater “Artistic Director Public Talk Series Vol.

Called the Artistic Director Public Talk Series, the third installment of the public talk event, in which current artistic directors of public theaters frankly talk about the state of the art director system and issues, will be held at the Setagaya Public Theater and the Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater. It was held on January 3th at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall.

Eriko Ogawa, Ryohei Kondo, and Keishi Nagatsuka gathered from the first time, and Akira Shirai, the artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theater, participated as an observer.In addition, an event report was released on the day of the event, inviting Ms. Yuko Kuwabara, art and culture advisor at Honokuni Toyohashi Arts Theater as a guest, to discuss the theme of "public theater as a place for creation." rice field.

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"Artistic Director Public Talk Series Vol.3 -Public Theater as a Place of Creation-"

Date and Time

Thursday, June 2023, 1 12:19


KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall



  • Eriko Ogawa (Theater Artistic Director, New National Theatre, Tokyo)
  • Keishi Nagatsuka (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Artistic Director)
  • Ryohei Kondo (Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater Artistic Director)



Yuko Kuwabara (Ho no Kuni Toyohashi Arts Theater/Arts and Culture Advisor)


オ ブ ザ ー バ ー

Akira Shirai (Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theater)



KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater

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