2024/5/1 Performance-relatedupdate information theater The broadcast date and time of “Caries” on “Satellite Theater” has been decided.

Photo: Shinji Hosono

From February 2024, it will be performed at Theater Tram in Tokyo, Hyogo Prefectural Arts Center in Hyogo, and Niterra Nippon Tokusoku Civic Center Village Hall in Aichi."caries"The broadcast date and time on "Satellite Theater" has been decided.

Broadcast date

Sunday, November 2024, 6, from 16:17
*After the main story, we will broadcast an after-talk with director Misaki Setoyama, cast Ryota Bando, and Koen Kondo.

Please take a look at this opportunity.


[Written by] Takuya Yokoyama
[Direction] Misaki Setoyama
[Appearance] Ryota Bando Koen Kondo Keito Tsuna /Bokuzo Masana Shinya Niiro / Kazuyuki Aijima

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