2024/3/3 Performance-relatedNewsupdate information dance (overseas) Ate9 dance company “EXHIBIT B” and “calling glenn” post talk speakers have been decided.

Ate9 dance company "EXHIBIT B" and "calling glenn" post talk speakers have been decided.

After the performance on Sunday, March 3rd at 3:15
Daniel Agami (choreography, composition, direction)
Glenn Kotche (“Calling Glenn” music/performance)
Akira Shirai (Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theater)
*Those who have tickets for another day can enter after the performance ends.There is a capacity.

We are accepting questions for post-talk speakers using the form. (Reception deadline: Until the start of post-talk)
Please fill out the form below.
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Ate9 Dance Company “EXHIBIT B” “calling glenn”
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