2024/3/1 Curatorial relatedNews workshop Regarding revision of workshop series participation fee

At Setagaya Public Theater, we have worked hard to keep the participation fees for the following workshop series at the same amount since we started our business, but due to the recent rise in expenses, we have decided to revise the participation fees. .
We will continue to strive to create a safe and secure place, so we appreciate your understanding.


Workshop series:
"Day in the Theater"
"Children's Mixed Drama Workshop"
"Engeki workshop for elementary school students"
"Engeki workshop for junior high school students"
"Engeki workshop for high school students"
"Setagaya Public Theater Junior High School Drama Club"
“Theatre Workshop for People in Their 20s and 30s”
"Setagaya Public Theater Dance Restaurant"


Revision details:
Participation fee [Before revision] Basically 1 yen per day → [After revision] 500 yen per day
*If the event is held multiple times in one day, the fee will be 1 yen for each event.
*Depending on the content of the workshop, this may change.


Revision date:
From Monday, July 6, 4th year of Reiwa

Setagaya Public Theatre

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