2024/2/2 Performance-relatedNews [31st Yomiuri Theater Awards] Nobue Ikeya, who appeared in “Uta na Resistance”, won the Best Actress Award

Today, February 2nd, the Grand Prize and Excellence Award in each category of the 2st Yomiuri Theater Awards were announced.
We would like to inform you about the details of the awards related to the performances hosted by the Setagaya Public Theater as follows.

31th Yomiuri Theater Awards

Best Actress Award
   Iketani nobue
"Useless Resistance" "We Are the Dust of the Universe"


Excellent Director Award
Tomohiro Maekawa
“Useless Resistance” “Delivering the Human Soul”

Outstanding Staff Award
Kenichi Toki
“Useless Resistance” “Delivering the Human Soul” Art

"Useless Resistance" Photography: Aki Tanaka


For details, please see the Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition on February 2 today.
"Useless Resistance" Details Click here for more information.

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